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2002 World Cup in China - Brazil team playing both sides?

Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 00:27:46 +0000 #1
2002 World Cup, the Chinese national team - Brazil's national team squad and both sides played Substitution List What is this?
United Kingdom2010-01-16 00:34:56 +0000 #2
Beijing at 19:30 on June 8, the World Cup Group C match 2 1 whistle in the Seogwipo stadium, the Chinese team lost 0 to 4

Ci Yi is known as the Brazilian team in the history of China's most important football game. Fan Zhiyi and Sun Jihai injury and Yang Chen on the bench to replace the appearance is that Zhao Junzhe, Qi Hong, and 20-year-old Dewey. Brazil's starting lineup to replace only one person, Gremio Hou Weibo Gah replace Edmilson. Seogwipo Stadium, the temperature 23 degrees Celsius, 0.3 meters per second wind speed, humidity 64%. Is a Swedish referee Frisk.

The opening 3 minutes, Hao Haidong break two defensive players, but the advantage of Cafu on the body of his squeeze to open. After 1 minute, Qi Hong received 20 meters in front of the return shot, ball in each other's body guard. The first 5 minutes, the Chinese team restricted the transfer of cutting-edge, Wu Chengying in the restricted area on the left shot, the ball Cafu he denied the bottom line. The first 6 minutes left a long pass from Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo back in the containment of the three sent the ball, Ronaldinho wiping into the restricted area will be passed the ball Chudi Xian Li Weifeng.

The first 9 minutes, Xu Yunlong right-sided breakthrough Carlos biography, Marcos received the ball. The first 10 minutes, Juninho on the right incoming restricted Jiangjin embrace the snake. The first 11 minutes, midfielder Zhao Junzhe back forward pass, Xie Chuan Qi Hong left the right side, but Hao Haidong at the edge of the area who are not stopped the ball back. The first 12 minutes, Li Tie ball bolted, Carlos uprooting his foul tactics. The first 15 minutes, Juninho Direct, Ronaldinho has been tipped Li Weifeng, 25 meters in front of the Brazilian team obtained a direct free kick opportunity.

Ronaldinho and Rivaldo stood on both sides of the ball cover, 6, Roberto - Carlos, started after the left foot is feet strong run-up volley, the ball from the Chinese team flew through the wall on the right goal, China goalkeeper Jiang Jin Although cross-body movements to fight the blaze, but the point of frustration Diao ball quickly across the Jiangjin's fingers off into the sky after the goal horn network, Brazil's 1-0 lead.

The first 20 minutes, after Cafu steals from the foot of Li Weifeng, broke into the restricted area outside the volley from 16 meters on the right, the ball flying Jiangjin saved, Xu Yunlong ahead of Ronaldo before the siege. Soon, Ronaldinho-point shot, Carlos pass the left was he denied. Xu Yunlong Zheng Ding Ronaldinho when the back of the head was hit, he returned to the venue after treatment. The first 23 minutes, Roberto Carlos long-range volley was blocked faraway place on the left column, Rivaldo was he denied the right corner, Qi Hong fast ball was Polgar block.

The first 25 minutes, Ronaldinho Dewey break from outside the area after being pulled down, the referee that Ronaldo dives and pull out a small yellow card. The first 27 minutes, right-sided Xiezhuan Cafu, Ronaldo closed containment within two guards under the handball, but the referee did not see, Juninho has been closed front shot he denied. The first 29 minutes, Wu Chengying out the left front kick, Carlos siege the ball to the last point is not on top of power a header barely Li Weifeng. The first 30 minutes, Carlos high cross, Polgar long-range higher than 25 meters in front.

The first 31 minutes, Ma Mingyu the left side of large-scale transfer, Li Xiaopeng header ferry Chuledixian. 32 minutes, Cafu on the right sideline pass, the Dewey siege header fell to the last point, pick the ball back to Middle Ronaldinho, Rivaldo volley in front of 5 m at Tuishe network, Brazil 2 ratio 0 lead. 34 minutes, Juninho left-in, Li Weifeng ahead of Ronaldo in front of siege Chudi Xian. The first 36 minutes, Li tipped Juninho, Ronaldo at 28 meters from the kick any ball in the human wall.

The first 38 minutes, Li Xiaopeng right-sided pass, the ball skipped Hao Zhong, Ma Mingyu the last point shot at 16 meters from the door, hit the ball at the defender's head pop up the bottom line, Qi Hong out the left corner, Marcos did not attack Zhai to the ball, Carlos, the top ball out of bounds, the Wu Chengying out the right corner, Marcos confiscated the ball. 41 minutes, Ronaldinho Direct, Juninho plug into the restricted area pass near the baseline, the Zhongwei shovel the ball out.

The first 43 minutes, Ronaldinho played the ball the left, Ronaldo back together with the attack, the front of the header at the top 6 meters high. The first 44 minutes, Ronaldinho forward pass, Ronaldo from Li Weifeng and Du Wei, Li Weifeng pulled down in the restricted area of the Central has been the Swedish referee Frisk point to the penalty spot, Ronaldinho hit the sword. First half injury time, Cafu right-sided mass in Jiangjin ball saved.

The second half, Denilson replaced Ronaldinho. 47 minutes, Carlos threw the ball into the box on the left sideline, when Lucio Zhengding foul. The first 49 minutes, Zhao Junzhe steal spread, Ma Mingyu ball suddenly turned from the Roque - Junior, in front of 28 meters at the left foot Di She missed the right goal post. The first 51 minutes, Ma Mingyu in the off-feet forward pass, Lucio before rushing off to Qi Hong.

The first 53 minutes, played the ball wide on the right counter-Li Xiaopeng, Qi Hong Zhong Road, follow-up has been pre-empt the other guard siege. The 55th minute, Rivaldo Feet Xiechuan the right side of midfield, Cafu chest, stopping through the middle from the 2 guard, he restricted the right of low-pass, no one man-mark Ronaldo and timely follow-up, in the 5 meters away from the door after the point at the left foot to easily Tuishe network, the Brazilian team 4 to 0 lead.

The first 59 minutes, Juninho chopping off the top, plug in the formation of flank Ronaldo single-handedly, but he Tangqiu too much power, Dewey ball shovel Chudi Xian. After 1 minute, China won excellent opportunity Hao Ma Mingyu the ball inside to the edge of the area, but Ma Mingyu starting slower, Cafu poke the ball away. The first 61 minutes, Ma Mingyu Direct, Zhao Junzhe varied-line-out of the way Lucio, at 17 meters in front of his right foot shot, the ball hit the right goal post.

Pu Yang replaced physical exertion larger Ma Mingyu, Qi Hong captain armband worn on the arm. 66 minutes, Shao Jiayi replaced Qi Hong, Li took over captain. 69 minutes, Li Xiaopeng on the right Hui Qiao, Xu Yunlong front shot in the restricted areas, Roque - Junior rubbing step was booked, Shao Jiayi kick 20 meters in front of a free kick, he kicked out his left foot arc Line the ball over the wall almost straight angle, Marcos closed the ball flying out of bounds left.

Ricardinho replaced Juninho. The first 71 minutes, the Brazilian team left high cross, Ronaldo out of the way two guards shot the ball at close range Jiangjin closed out, Ronaldo was again re-launched Jiangjin he denied physically. Edilson replaced Ronaldo. The first 72 minutes, the Brazilian team out on the left corner, Rivaldo headed the tallest. 75th minute, Cafu on the right Hui Qiao, Gilberto strong volley at the edge of the area, Jiangjin net smash the ball to be disposed of, but immediately. The East China Sea has been replaced teenager Qu Bo.

The first 82 minutes, Qu Bo broke into the restricted area on the left, the other guard shovel Chudi Xian, Li Xiaopeng on the left to open a corner, Marcos ball to Zhai. 83 minutes, Qu Bo broke into the restricted area high-speed, Carlos and Roque - Junior attack from both sides of his block. 86 minutes, Li Tie Direct, Qu Bo and teammates had a tie for second in the restricted area on the right prepared to lob, but the ball seal Chudi Xian Marcos. The 89th minute, Cafu right-sided single-pole, break, Jiangjin siege from outside the area in time to the attack. Injury time, Yang Pu Qu Bo sent to the forward pass, but Lucio first to the ball off by disclosing the bottom line.

China (4-2-3-1): 22 - Jiang Jin / 21 - Xu Yunlong, 14 - Li Weifeng, 17 - Dewey, 4 - Wu Chengying / 15 - Zhao Junzhe, 8 - Tie / 18 - Li Xiaopeng, 19 - Qi Hong (6 - Shao Jiayi, 66 minutes), 9 - Ma Mingyu (captain) (3 - Yang Pu, the first 62 minutes) / 10 - Hao Haidong (16 - Qu Bo, 75 minutes).

Brazil (3-3-1-3): 1 - Marcos / 3 - Lucio, 14 - Polgar, 4 - Roque - Junior / 2 - Cafu (captain), 8 -- Gilberto, 6 - Carlos / 19 - Juninho (7 - Ricardinho, 70 minutes) / 10 - Rivaldo, 9 - Ronaldo (20 - Edilson, the first 72 minutes), 11 - Ronaldinho (17 - Denilson, 46 minutes).



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