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Commemorate the Sichuan Quanxing

Tianya prodigal son2010-01-18 01:01:41 +0000 #1
Nazuo everywhere, "flowing with wine," the castle, Napian flags fluttering yellow, then a group shouting "Xiongqi" light Dongdong.

That was a decade ago, Chengdu, Sichuan Quanxing it is That is the blood flowing drinks and yellow Paoge.

on this story, I dare say, no matter when and where, each rise of the Sichuan fans can be proud chest saying: I Quanxing proud I am proud of Sichuan football!

February 7th 2006. Sichuan Province issued a final voice of football: "From today, Sichuan Guancheng football team officially disbanded." This is the day before the Spring Festival. with his fans, spring and autumn the same boat 12 The Chuanzu it this way ...... farewell to 2002, Sichuan Quanxing Group A league claimed that 8 years to make the Group A loss of 2 billion yuan, said the transfer. Chuanzu Dalian River Group officially took over, ending 8 years Quanxing fate. Since then, the Sichuan football into the "Shide line" shadows. This year the implementation of super-system in China YAN Bo looks beautiful Santa floor Gimhae. At the same time, Sichuan Dahe was also the league rankings countdown second. Chongchao, has become the only dream of football in Sichuan .03 years, Xu Hong Chong Chao as leader Chuanzu coach. eventually into the first eight, Chongchao success. that a yellow started cheering, but forgot Shide the plot, but also ignored the faint ring around the death knell.

Xu, businessmen, Gouzei!! In fact, Xu took over the football after the Sichuan Province. Shide Sichuan football and has become an alternative pattern of Derby. fragility of China football, soccer, Sichuan critically ill, in fact, is already facing a unprecedented calamity. domestic each club bosses have approached with a letter to the Chinese Football Association, punitive expeditions, "Shide department." legend Shide counts a full 20 pounds of weight. eventually the Chinese Football Association issued a ban on the Chuanzu order. In the last legs a few days later, the day before the Spring Festival, Sichuan Sports Bureau officially announced the breakdown of negotiations with the Shide, Chuanzu formally dissolved.

good Paoge cries filling twelve years rain or shine end up hurt feelings, "Shide plot" Chuanzu also undoubtedly made the dissolution of the fact that fans bitterly, but with the shadow of the Shide Gouqietousheng really might as well die readily point. Bayu people, when trained Such grievances?? Fan Kazakh children to say good Paoge never Diarrhea placed with others!!

I'm just a fan, I am not a businessman, nor is it in Chinese football circles were removed from the fish dragon .. the end, I just That could put the former touch of yellow, in the memory of income find it a wonderful life. though, I do not have championship memories.

football, Chuanzu, really like my wife, which she turned to leave moment, I turned his head and persevering, but I secretly wipe tears ...... have a farewell only to face the pain and frankly.

forget this piece of yellow, this "Xiongqi "sound, never forget 1995, Chengdu soul-stirring war of defense.

Shanghai Shenhua Football Club

from Chengdu in Sichuan Sports Technique Institute and co-founded Quanxing winery's" Shanghai Shenhua Football Club ", was 19 November 8, 2093 formally established.

● 1993 Nian 11 8, semi-professional football club in Sichuan Quanxing a professional league in China, before the arrival of the first listing. In Sichuan Sports Technique Institute and co-founded the Sichuan Quanxing Quanxing Club, Quanxing wineries operating costs of 1 million yuan each year for a period of 8 years. Club Chairman Yang Zhaoji, general manager for Huang Jian-Yong (later of Xu Yong).

● 1994 years, China's first professional soccer league - A League A opened in Chengdu. Sichuan Quanxing a home draw against Liaoning than one team from "Xiongqi" sound all over the country, Sichuan football off "yellow Hurricane", Chengdu, won the "Gold Ball City" in the world.

● 1995 Nian 11 Yue 19 On the afternoon of Sichuan Quanxing team in the league staged a three captivating relegation battle, called the "Battle in Chengdu."

● 1997 years, the Sichuan troops and horses, team rated as luxury, but did not get good results.

● 1999 years, the Quanxing additional inputs, known to reach more than 4000 million, Tavares took over Quanxing consecutive 7 weeks ranked No. 1, the final third.

● 2000 Nian 2 18, Quanxing Xingti Wei bought the team from the property, the club were restructured into the professional system was only formally.

● 2001 Nian 12 months, Sichuan Quanxing the club announced that the transfer of shares for 6,000 million, the price that they transfer the team first, second and third-line team.

● 2002 Nian 2 21, Dalian Shide Group of Sichuan Dahe investment company to buy four million in Sichuan Quanxing, and to 38 million base in Pujiang, Sichuan bought. That same year, Chuandui the "soul" Wei Qun was appointed deputy general manager of the club, but then stop training Wei Qun was the club, suspended, without pay.

● 2003 Nian 1 the end of First City Group officially took over the Sichuan Dahe club, and passed the Chinese Football Association registration, Xu Hong Sichuan and the Sichuan team ultimately led the league eighth made eligible to participate in Super League. The following year, Xu Hong eliminated because the FA Cup on the Dalian Shide, was the club sacked.

● 2005 years, the Super League section 9 of the Sichuan Guancheng announced after the transfer at the end of the season.

● 2006 Nian 1 27, Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau on the first floor conference room, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Guancheng Team Sports Bureau announced that the dissolution.

Sichuan Football Memory Key words

Yellow mad Biao - In 1994, Quanxing team launched the first professional league in the "yellow mad Biao," adult "Gold Ball City" came into being, "Xiong Qi" rocked the river North and South

at the time tickets, yellow cyclone, even the tickets are yellow ... ...

horses south - In 1995, the core of Ma Mingyu to 420,000 yuan Chuanzu transfer Guangdong Hongyuan, the first player to open the domestic transfer first of its kind.

"Black Butterfly" - In 1995, Ma Mailuo Fabia slaves and Marcos became the first foreign aid Chuanzu, Ma Mailuo later became Chuanzu star culture "Black Butterfly."

Defend Chengdu - 1995 season, Joseph has been struggling in the lower group of the edge of crisis amid Bashu fans shouted "Defend the Chengdu", crazy ticket! Zhai Biao at home with the final header Jiangong, Chuanzu 1-0 victory over 81, to retain the roots.

Chuan Lu Crisis - September 1, 1996, 0:1 loss to Tarzan Quanxing away. Repeated miscarriage of justice because of dissatisfaction with the referees, Ma Mailuo with the referee pulling it happened, and France is chasing the police, led to "Chuan Lu storm."

Hyoma Sichuan - 1997 season, the Guangdong Hongyuan striker Ma Mingyu, Li Bing, and the avant-garde Feng Feng Sichuan, Quanxing to "luxury division," expedition league record with his fans, but far from expectations.

Chongqing Complex - July 10, 1997, Quanxing for the first time the visiting team as the challenges go Vanguards Huandao Chongqing, Chongqing, the feelings of the fans face a choice, "Sichuan-Chongqing complex" for us.

Yangshuai Times - In 1998, the introduction of foreign coach for the first time --- Quanxing Croats Miluo Xi, in this era of opening up Chuanzu the Yangshuai. Subsequently Tavares, Peter, Horton and other foreign teachers have come to Sichuan coaching.

Cai Bian Lian Shanghai - 1998 Chuanzu 1:0 and 4:1, respectively connected with Shanghai and two grams of the mighty strong, and has left the best memories.

Down 81 - 1998 season, a final battle, PENG Xiao-square foot came off the bench to pull up outside the 30-meter shot, accidentally kicked into the 81 team A B.

Crowned as the top three - 1999 league, tawa, led his unit ranked first seven weeks straight, finally finished A A third, and achieved the best results Chuanzu league history.

Quanxing Exit - December 19, 2001, Quanxing Group formally announced its withdrawal. At this point, away from football to join hands with Sichuan Quanxing just eight full years.

Shide White - February 21, 2002, Shide Group President announced to take over Quanxing Lai Rong Xu, the team renamed the "Sichuan river."

Chongchao success - Marshal Xu Hong Sichuan in 2003, led his unit to receive the first eight league, ahead of a Chongchao success.

Shuaimai Guancheng - November 1, 2005, Shide 30 million price tag announced Shuaimai Guancheng, Sichuan football once again come to fork in the road of life and death.

Helpless to dissolve - 2006 1 27, Provincial Sports Bureau, held a press conference announced the dissolution of Kabuki. February 7 Shide reluctantly announced the formal dissolution of the First City.

Ma Mingyu, the former Chinese national team captain, as we all affectionately called him "horse" is a technical superior, long-range capacity of a strong midfield player. Do not know why, and when his classmates spoke a lot of people do not like him, say a second look at three stops by, listening to my uncomfortable, think about qualifying on the color of that foot out of long-range, think about China and the Lazio game was stunning world of wave bar! Some people may say, why, when Wei Qun, Yao Xia, Li Bing, when why he left the choice to stay for the effectiveness of Dalian to help? At first I did not understand, it was once discouraged him, but he gave it with actual actions of people look down on him a resounding ear

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masterpieces of worms2010-01-18 01:15:54 +0000 #2
Quanxing why not, but in fact still have to torture our Chinese football system.

You can not blame those investments, they can invest in football, it is no easy task, and a lot a lot of money thrown into the water, sound no one.

They are businessmen, after all, if they light throwing money does not make money, you can not tell the merchant, and is called the idiot.

Blame blame our actions too hasty, hurry. Totally inadequate professional league, but it happens is what we call "professional league."

I saw those traders put money thrown into Chinese football, I feel pity. Raised a pile of borers, finally, throwing his money, and does not play, and should we be criticized fans ..... throw that money be white
Anti-Risk Technical Analysis2010-01-18 01:37:02 +0000 #3


soul imprint

Deyang is also a paradise for Quanxing



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