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Franck Ribery went close, will be back?

beiluqi22010-02-01 10:01:43 +0000 #1

awpboxer2010-02-01 10:06:22 +0000 #2
托尼克洛斯? ? Bayern Leverkusen he put a season, a look at this season, Bayer Leverkusen are NB into what it? Kiessling with Klose,,,, almost invincible in ah. . . Bayern have such a good seedling unused, into a fool ah?
Mother's secret2010-02-01 10:28:01 +0000 #3
yes, Klose lease on the end of the season, do not come back to where to go, I do not believe there is capital to Bayer Leverkusen to sign him. . . .



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