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Arsenal League Cup has been eliminated it?

beiluqi22010-02-01 11:01:02 +0000 #1

Cold dream sword2010-02-01 11:05:17 +0000 #2
Yes, 0 to 3 lost to Manchester City, the following is a report that game:

Beijing early hours of December 3, England League Cup 1 / 4 finals in a focus on the stadium started fighting in Manchester, Manchester City vs. Arsenal. The second half, Carlos Tevez, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Weiss each scored before limping off the bench, Manchester City beat Arsenal 3-0 and eliminate the opponent into the next round.

Arsenal League two-game losing streak, hoping the state back in the Cup, but Wenger is still very much in this war play the whole class youth team, including the back injury, as well as the French midfield star than in Ansky wilshire , defense, by a long war to a Sylvester sparse lead. Mark - Hughes was the main force of the fundamental emission of the whole play, for the first time to face former team when the trigger a series of controversial striker Emmanuel Adebayor partner with Carlos Tevez.

The first 6 minutes, Manchester City right-sided mass in the corner, Adebayor header from the center inside the restricted area, the top too much is being confiscated Fabianski. The first 13 minutes, Ramsey Di She closed the right side, but was back he denied. The first 19 minutes, Shaun Wright-Phillips broke into the restricted area on the right steal, timely Huiqiao to Bellamy, Bellamy kicker Tuishe Unfortunately, he missed. The first 21 minutes, breaking into the restricted area on the left Bella, Joleon Lescott back to catch interference, Beira foot volley hit a high.

In the 24th minute, Carlos Tevez stampede broke into the big half-closed, but Di She kick saved by Fabianski. 33 minutes, Wilshire Xiezhuan, Ebner right-sided insert a restricted area, but the kicker Shay Given Dangxia shot was not strong enough.

The first 36 minutes, Shaun Wright-Phillips booked trout Leifei Chan, Barry kick a free kick pass restricted Song siege almost score an own goal. 2 minutes after the break through midfielder Shaun Wright-Phillips has been destroyed Eastmond, who also eat yellow card fouls. 41 minutes, Wright pass in the left, and France Ansky before the ball ahead of Emmanuel Adebayor damage.

The first 50 minutes, Bellamy, front left wing Tomas Rosicky at the foot of the next cut-off in situ steals the ball from the left side of the ball and then Tevez across the restricted area and one foot volley into the upper right corner of the goal scoring ,1-0, Arsenal away in a backward.

The first 55 minutes, Manchester City left-wing pass, by Emmanuel Adebayor missed a little in front of hoisting. After 1 minute, Sylvester stopping mistakes, and then pulled down Craig Bellamy will be a breakthrough line of defense has been a yellow card. The first 62 minutes, Ebner right-sided pass, the bottom line before the pass in Merida, Ramsey nodded the ball center of the box after the tallest.

The first 69 minutes, Arsenal midfielder pass off mistakes by Richards, the small right-sided changes to the Wright's breakthrough, Sylvester can not catch up the rhythm, Wright-Phillips up front right-sided sudden strong Leng Jian Shi volley into the top corner ,2-0, Arsenal precarious.

0-2 behind against Arsenal revisited vigor. 74 minutes, Traore long-range direct missed. 2 minutes later, Wilshire front Fanqiang received yellow card fouls. 79th minute free-kick volley Compagni vigorously he denied the wall was to keep up with his left foot playing the French confiscated the ball than in Ansky. The first 82 minutes, Bellamy back to catch up with the bottom line foul tackles Eastmond also received yellow cards. The first 87 minutes, Ireland midfielder Zhise, Bellamy has been restricted area on the left oblique Fabianski saved.

The first 90 minutes, Bellamy both the left break defense, cut into the restricted area on the left baseline high cross, Weiss volley hit the door after the point of outflanking under the beam along the shell entry in ,3-0. The first 92 minutes, before his left foot volley from Merida closed line, the ball pops up the middle of the door beam.

Manchester City (442): Shay Given / Richards, Toure, Joleon Lescott, Wayne Bridge / Wright - Phillips (76 'Weiss), Barry, Ireland, Bellamy / Carlos Tevez (73 'Kompany), Emmanuel Adebayor

Arsenal (442): Fabianski / Emmanuel Eboue, Song, Silvestre, Traore / Ramsey, Eastmond (68 'W), Tomas Rosicky, Merida / Wilshire, Beira
fabregas22010-02-01 11:23:53 +0000 #3
Yes. Arsenal 0 Manchester City has lost more than 3
60123642010-02-01 11:10:47 +0000 #4
right, lost to Manchester City, and Na Changqiu I saw, with the losers is very depressed.



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