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South Africa World Cup

qjr5556662010-01-18 02:01:27 +0000 #1
South Africa next week's European Cup final four tickets will soon decide the winner. Please fans predict which will be based on four people to catch the last train?

France and Ireland; Portugal and Bosnia-Herzegovina; Ukraine and Greece; Russia and Slovenia.
angel_sun2010-01-18 02:03:57 +0000 #2

I think:

1. France;

2. Portugal;

3. Russia;

4. Greece.
Hades Hades2010-01-18 02:20:21 +0000 #3
Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Russia.
yangzs1652010-01-18 02:29:02 +0000 #4
France, Bosnia, Ukraine and Slovenia, do not look down upon Slovenia.
javaanddonet2010-01-18 03:25:48 +0000 #5
France, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia



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