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In your heart Kunitari 11.

pirates2010-01-18 02:01:40 +0000 #1
In your heart Kunitari 11. Despite last night to win the race. But it is not satisfied with the performance of Kunitari. Talk about in my mind 11 people. Goalkeeper. Yang. In the back. Li Weifeng. Dewey. while back. Sun Xiang. Sun Jihai. lumbar. Zhou Haibin. Zhao Xuri. avant-garde. Zheng. Shao Jiayi. striker. Han Peng. Qu Bo. I know this team is not practical. Several people have been very old . However, there is no way A new not work., however, some, like Zheng. Xu Yang. Wang Patricia but it is still good. We talk about the minds of their own 11.
Love灬丶Di Xin2010-01-18 02:04:25 +0000 #2
goalkeeper. Yang

defender. Li Weifeng. Feng Xiaoting. Sun Xiang. Sun Jihai

midfield. Wang Patricia. Zhao Xuri. avant-garde. Wang Patricia. in the sea

striker. Han Peng. Qu Bo.

Do Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi, and Zhou Haibin reasons:

Zheng always shoot fly penalty, it is estimated psychological nor how, but temper are also great, not as an opportunity to young people.

Zhou Haibin had never passed the ball should not be allowed him to race in the national team came to feel.

Shao seems to hurt, and he was in the second division of the state well, no need to recall him for a number of qualifiers come.

Actually, I like you, defender Li Weifeng and Sun Jihai have to, I think this two individuals are the best point guard in China. For Dewey, I have always optimistic about him.

As for the replacement, I think that should be:

goalkeeper. Zong Lei

defender. Cao Yang, Dewey, Zhao, Xu Liang.

Midfield. Xu Yang, Huang Bowen, Zhou sea ice, Yan-phase break.

Striker. Zhu Ting, there is a good thought



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