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Does gambling Lane said Jean hemispheric mean?

Zezheng2010-01-18 05:01:03 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-18 05:10:45 +0000 #2
If the home team, for example, the home team to hemispheric mean is that if the home team winning by a margin considered the home team wins more than a ball tie, or if the two sides considered the home team lose the meaning of negative Rangyi Qiu was the home team to a net be considered a winning margin of two goals wins the ball count a draw or lose a draw a negative balance if they think the visiting team is called the opposite hemisphere, the transferee or a ball

let the ball Jiugen chess handicap a reason.

Rang Yiqiu for example, Portugal to Greece, that is, do not start even if the 0:1 match, and pressure is winning or losing the final tie, then the actual score, the pressure on Portugal's losing money, and pressure on Greece's winning, and the actual score If Portugal win a ball, then even if the two playing varsity level, the stakes are returned, only Portugal win two or more of the ball be considered Portugal to win, and then multiplied by the amount of bets with the rate of count of money. And let the hemisphere, it is 0:0.5 start count, there is no possibility of a refund.

There is a way to let the ball is flat ball / dome pressure in the money that is two and a half points, such as press 50, which is 25 applanation pressure to the other 25 hemispheres, the results of the calculation method as above.

Let hemisphere (0.5): 1.95 Manchester United (-0.5) on the Chelsea (0.5) 1.85

The number in brackets so that the representatives of the goal and the number of the transferee, then the number is the team's odds.

This means that before the start of Manchester United is already falling behind Chelsea in the hemisphere.

If you bet on Manchester United, Manchester United have to win you only as a winner.

If you bet on Chelsea, Chelsea win or two to play and you also win.

Tie disk (0):

your side bet wins if the race 90 minutes, then you will naturally become the winner.

If this race was the 90 minutes and the Bureau of Results, we will refund the amount of your bet

Rang Yiqiu (-1):

If you bet Rangyi Qiu (-1) of the party, The team wins two goals two goals or more (2 to 0,3 than 1,4 to 2, etc.), you are the winner. Only if the team wins a ball (a more than 0,2 than 1,3 to 2, etc.), your bet amount refunded.



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