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Demand system of the African qualifying tournament

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Yuelong Men2010-01-18 05:11:35 +0000 #2
First of 40 times a team on the first lap qualifying to two rounds subject-object system to knockout, if the statutory 90 minutes of the second round regardless of the outcome of the two sides still proceeded to carry out the system increases when the silver ball game, if it is still playing and, places the penalty kick decided the outcome of each other; winner was allowed to enter the second lap a group game.

The second round group game scoring double-cycle system of the form of subject-object, wins before they can be three points, the two sides had a fight and had no points points and the negative side, 30 teams were divided into five groups to compete, each integral the highest a team (a total of 5 teams) can be held in Germany in 2006 joined the rank of the 18th session of the World Cup Finals, the ranks of the same team if the points occur first in order to decide the results of the race, if the points have not yet, to the same unit difference between the goals for, against the decision remains the same Zeyi goal between the teams with the same score to rank priorities.



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