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Italy's most pathetic team are the teams to

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Turin team was founded in 1890, is Italy's oldest team, formerly known as Turin International team. 1906, Turin, Turin, clubs and sports teams were incorporated into the Turin International, renamed the Torino Football Club. The implementation of professional league in Italy, before the went through Genoa times and the era of Providence, Botticelli, until the 1926-1927 season, with Rossetti (Rossetti II), Libonati (Libonatti) and Balong Se-ri (Baloncieri) and other players The Turin team before winning the first title the next season, they successfully defended. But since then they have been at the city rivals Juventus and Bologna, Inter Milan and other strong opponents of repression under the sink for many years, until the age of 40 until the last century ushered in its heyday.

The last century, 40 years in the history of Italian football, "Turin era" during its heyday before the Second World War began in the 1942-1943 season, until the crash of 1949 destroyed the entire branch Su Peijia Turin team, it to an end. 1941-1942 season, the Rome team to third advantage of overwhelming force in Turin,

won in its history, the first league title, but in 1942, ushered in a Rome Turin team, and this is the coach Novo - who later became the Italian national team coach. Novo recruited a group of outstanding players: Ge Landi joined from Juventus, Gang Beituo come from Florence, Ferraris (Ferraris) are from Inter Milan, while the Turin team train themselves out of tiles Valentino Mazzola (Valentino Mazzola) such a star.

1942-1943 season, although the Turin team's start is not wonderful, they were lost to Inter Milan and Livorno, but the October 18 League third round, they fought a nice battle in the road in order to 5:2 won the local derby victory, scoring both Ferraris and Mazzola. Then they can not even g Genoa (3:1), Rome (4-0), Florence (5-0, Ferraris hat-trick), and Vicenza, and subsequently another moving steadily, although not until after Article 26, they still lagging behind Livorno 1 in points, but the first 27 were Roma Livorno striker Ahmad lock on, while the Turin people Zeyi beat Atlanta 4-2 to score go-ahead, after the Turin team won three straight big bang , which will eventually lead thrilling one point victory Livorno (Serie A this season, a total of 16 teams race 30), which is also the Italian professional league since the first championship team in Turin. Gabetto (Gabetto) scored 14 goals, Ferraris into 12 balls, Mazzola into 10 balls. May 30, 1943, Torino in the Italian Cup final by virtue of Ossola (Ossola, 2 balls), Ferraris, and Mazzola's goals, to 4-0 win over Venice, crowned double winners.

"World War II," Let the outbreak of the Turin team suffered a loss, otherwise they will likely go beyond the creation of city rivals Juventus, the league record of five consecutive years. "World War II," In order to regain title after Juventus, the introduction of a super-striker Piola, but he has goals, such as the killer apparently picked up trash has been a peak period, the last successfully defended his title in Turin, Juventus could only watch. Since then, the Turin team appeared incomparably strong, presses such as Juventus and Milan powerhouse duo from gaining ground, even worse, when the Italian team lineup is almost entirely occupied by the players in Turin.

1946-1947 season, led by the head coach Juan Carlos Ferrero, Turin team showed an unprecedented offensive power, they are mad into 104 balls, Juventus, 10 points more than second advantage of ascent, and besides Ewing Tucci (into 83 balls) and AC Milan (75 goals), that season, where teams of Serie A team Zaimei can reach 60 goals, showing that the strength of the stronger teams in Turin. In this dream-like season, the Turin team riding horse of the pack, right away Lazio 2:1 (Gabetto and Mazzola goals), home 5:1 (Mazzola 3 balls); right away in Rome 3: 1 (Ossola and Mazzola of a ball), 4-0 home (Gabetto two balls, Mazzola and the Ferraris of a ball); right away Inter Milan 3:1 (Ossola and processing Beto each a ball), home 5:2 (Mazzola two balls, Gabetto a ball); right Florence home 7:2 (Ossola two balls, one ball each Gabetto and Mazzola), Away 4-0 (Ferraris and Mazzola of a ball); right away AC Milan 2:1, at home 6:2 (Gabetto three balls); right Juventus 0:1 home, 1:0 away (Gabetto goals). Almost no one can resist the Apennine "Red Bull" (Turin team nickname) in iron heel. Mazzola has truly become the soul of the Turin team, and leaders, he has 29 goals won the league's top scorer.

The next season, the Turin team make persistent efforts to more violent storms swept through the Apennine goals, 125 goals for the destruction of almost all opponents of the gate, AC Milan's second goal only 76, even greater than the difference between the Turin team as much as 49 balls. The AC Milan, Juventus and Triestina 49 minutes with the plot, the Turin team won fewer than 16 points, the only fly in the ointment is that Mazzola (25 balls) is less than Juventus striker bonipe Doherty (Boniperti) missed top scorer with two goals. However, Mazzola, and Gabetto (23 balls), leuk (Loik) Serie A striker combination is undoubtedly the most powerful. That season, the Turin team created a goal list and the gap between the top two championship records, and with the Alexandria played the game 10-0 in a high score. Although the 1948-1949 season, the Turin team have not been able to create the first two seasons as the brilliant, but the overall strength with a powerful, they still completed the four consecutive years. This is apart from Juventus in Serie A history, beyond the five consecutive years of the most brilliant results.

"World War II," the war not only destroyed the economy of Italy, but also to the Italian football's vitality, and led to the Italian football lost a lot of elite players. As in the Italian post-war period of reconstruction, a powerhouse Juventus, Bologna and Inter Milan and other Italian teams dominated before World War II have witnessed an unprecedented landslide, but the Turin team's rise to the Italians hope to see a football renaissance . By the time the batch of players for the team in Turin, the Italian national team in international competitions during those years, the achievements are 9 wins 4-Ping 2 negative, is considerable. In 1949, Italy and Portugal, Spain's friendly in Italy in Genoa, 4-1 victory over Portugal, 3-1 win over Spain in Madrid, these two games, the Italian team starting 11 players in Turin has reached 10, Mazzola is captain.

But God get people, May 4, 1949, when the Turin team kick down with Benfica in Portugal, the Latin Cup home when the plane crashed into a mountain near the airport Su Peijia occurred shocked the world enough to Tan's "Su Peijia air disaster." This makes the Turin team plane crash wiped out since then have not been able to recover, more importantly, the loss of Italy football elite World Cup in 1950, was eliminated early. Since then, Italy has entered a "dark age", the coach lost on the change, change and you still lose, and finally to the point where the more-for-more to lose. Retired in 1948 from Pozzo to瓦尔卡雷吉led the Italian team won the 1968 European Cup winner, during which the replacement of the Italian national team of 13 coaches. 1950 and 1954, two-time World Cup, Italy were eliminated in the group after the game in 1958 is in the additional qualifying tournament where 1:2 loss to Northern Ireland. All this can not but say that games with the Turin team is directly related to the crash.

Su Peijia crash, the Italian soccer lost its king, Juventus will soon re-emergence, while the Turin team this sinking nearly 30 years, even if, to join the Scottish striker Denis Law (1961-1962 season 27 league games into the 10 balls) also failed to re-awaken the Turin team. Time to the 70s of last century, the Turin team due to a Tome and Principe (Pulici) and Graziani (Graziani) such as striker, Turin team has emerged a small climax. 1972-1973 season, the Principe with 17 balls with Rivera and Savoldi tied for league top scorer, after transfer from Graziani team from Arezzo, the two formed a great threat to Serie A combination up front. 1974-1975 season, Principe scored 18 goals, once again top-scorer, Graziani scored 12 goals; the next season, the Principe 21 balls, Graziani 15 goals, two sub - out the top two scorers and help the Turin team again after an interval of 27 years, boarded the League throne, the then coach of Luyijila Desai (Luigi Radice). 1976-1977 season, the Turin team compete for the only time in the history of the Champions League, the first round out of Malmo, Sweden team, but the second round of the crack face West Germany Borussia Moenchengladbach, that is, with a total score 1:2 (1:2, 0:0) were eliminated.

80 years of the last century, the Italian league canceled the ban on foreign aid, a time of unprecedented prosperity in Serie A, are known as "Little World Cup." Turin team competition, falling behind in the next wind, Graziani and Principe has leaving the team, respectively, joined Florence and Udinese, Serie A has been striking terror into the killer combination of this disintegration. 90 years, in the Belgian star Chiffaut (Scifo) and Aguilera (Aguilera), Casagrande (Casagrande) and other players efforts, the Turin team has become a dark horse League from 1991 to-1992 season was second runner-up, Cup in the European Union along with grams of Boa Vista, Portugal, Greece, AEK Athens, and other teams reached the semi-finals. In the first leg loss to Real Madrid 1:2 unfavorable circumstances, the return home of the Torino's 2-0 win, and eliminated rivals. Eliminated in the final against Ajax in Genoa, the two armies first battle in the alp-labeled 2:2, Casa Grande the next two cities alone. Appear on the return leg in Amsterdam, despite the best laid-off Chiffaut Turin team, Casa Grande, Fausser (Fusi), Vazquez (Vazquez), and Lentini (Lentini, after the season in order to create a world record transfer Contributions to join AC Milan), etc. Troopers, but still being forced into a 0:0 rivals Ajax won by virtue of away goals are many and this is from the Turin team trophy, the most recent in Europe. However, these are a Huiguangfanzhao, has never came back the old glory. Since then both the Uruguay "Prince" Francescoli (Francescoli), or the Italian striker Silenzi (Silenzi) and Rizzitelli (Rizzitelli), or the soccer star Pele of Ghana (Abedi Pele) neither will enable Turin team has The 1995 to-1996 season as the "Red Bull" grieved downgrade. The 1999-2000 season, they return to B, but immediately suffered another relegation doom, in 2001 to return to class, this time to stay in one season in 2003 before re-downgrade - but bottom of the rankings throughout the season and lose lost 21 games.

Today's "Red Bull" can only make ends meet in the B, the Italian Serie B this season after the former 22, the Turin team to 11 wins 4 level 7 negative record, ranking fifth behind Genoa, peru Jia, Verona and Empoli. It once belonged to the red of the dynasty, only in the memories to enable us to taste.

Turin team

Torino Calcio

established: December 3, 1906

City: Turin, Italy

jersey: red, Bai Ku

home: Municipal Stadium

President: Attilio * Romero



Address: via del Carmine, 29 - 10122 Torino, Italy

Honors: League Champions 1927,1928,

1943, 1946-1949,1976

Cup Champion 1936,1943,




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