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Luneng problem

kun children2010-01-18 07:01:47 +0000 #1
I have a few suggestions Coach, a continued use of Ljubisa Tumbakovic, first of Ljubisa Tumbakovic is indeed undeniable that a good coach, a few years he has coached have achieved remarkable success in the Luneng, although the outside world during the period Ljubisa Tumbakovic's stubborn insist on using a team a lot of criticism, but in now way it can really set of team to play a role in the rotation can have a few, as a coach he must team's achievements, and imagine If Ljubisa Tumbakovic is Chinese characters like Ferguson, then he may well enjoy the right lineup rotation, to have the potential to enjoy the opportunities for young players, but the fact whether the team or the fans of high-level performance requirements are harsh, For example accustomed to the long-term resident in the top three Luneng Luneng fans, in the face for the first time this year, dropped out of the first three, had been unable to accept, so how can make a coach, bold-ups of young players do, the fans are harsh, but the reality it is also cruel 2 Ljubisa Tumbakovic led the six-year, several times the rate of Luneng expedition AFC will also create a number of tragedies, which is undeniable, but look at the AFC team in recent years, super-performance, really to work with Japan and South Korea called an arch-competitor, the Luneng only Ljubisa Tumbakovic really dare to team up with Japan and South Korea exchange that the only Ljubisa Tumbakovic of the Luneng, Ljubisa Tumbakovic's Luneng undeniable Japan and South Korea team was once so appalled , which China does not have a team without a coach can be done three Ljubisa Tumbakovic familiar with the Chinese football, understand the Asian football, but also face two-year battle Luneng to village in a short time to find a suitable successor is too difficulties, Ljubisa Tumbakovic Moreover, there is a contract with the Luneng body, fired him, they are bound to pay liquidated damages, this is a waste, might as well save the money for Ljubisa Tumbakovic to create a more competitive team, Ljubisa Tumbakovic flex its muscles again next year so that four Ljubisa Tumbakovic is now undeniable that a lot of team players and present contradictions, we can ask a higher authority within the authority in the locker room who adjuvant Ljubisa Tumbakovic, when necessary, let him be Ljubisa Tumbakovic and a bridge of communication between team members is strongly recommended that the club appointing Li Xiaopeng appointed executive vice president and leader of the team to 2 players for next year Luneng proposed to conduct a large-scale personnel changes, the current team, some of the players and teams have been inconsistent with the requirements within the foreign aid is also To make some effort, it is first necessary to adjust a few people out the team, their team has become a team cancer, I recommended a few people, at ease, Jiao Zhe, Sandro, Li Wei, Li Jinyu, Yuan Weiwei, Wu Hao, the introduction of powerful within the foreign aid, promotion of young players have the potential to replace more than a few people, the introduction of Neiyuan recommendation, Dewey, Rong Hao, Jiang Ning

3 team management, Kang Meng-jun, Han Gong government to replace all the other words used to understand the real Football people to manage the team, there is little to Li Xiaopeng into Luneng football management. Public User valuable advice

zh198511152010-01-18 07:12:19 +0000 #2
Luneng for management, it is difficult, it is state-owned enterprises. In the less likely the case, this had no comments.

I am not a fan of Shandong, but I like to teach, Ljubisa Tumbakovic Shandong team the past two years, Shandong Team, wounded at full strength even if the worst state, but also show a certain degree of tactical offensive connotation and higher literacy. This coach inseparable.

In my opinion, Ljubisa Tumbakovic can not be changed, and in accordance with his intention to carry out the players shuffling and reorganization. Now Shandong team opponents, particularly large capital investment, such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Pulls a European Mingshuai also can not reverse the tide. It is recommended that greater financial resources.

Ever since China Dalian Dynasty League after the group gave us the offensive Shandong eyes bright, but then do not enter, it is difficult as the "China Real Madrid," the responsibility to coach small.



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