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Soccer referee's gestures mean?

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referee's whistle, gestures and assistant referees of the flag show

1, the referee's whistle

whistle was the referee a game led the main signal, it is not only Competition behaved more commands, and the whistle was whether the use of accurate and timely, clear and decisive, often affect the athletes and spectators emotions. Accurate and timely whistle is bound to cause resonance OTC staff to raise awareness of a sense of referees convinced; the contrary, the accuracy is poor, the sound post was not the right time, the extra whistle filled the competition under way, will lead to good on and off disgust and revulsion. Therefore, as a referee, a whistle in hand, should be fully aware of each soon as posts are bearing the entire game can be conducted smoothly.

(A) the match must whistle in several situations

according to the needs of competition as far as possible to reduce unnecessary whistle, is currently in the domestic game, on the need for whistle several conditions and on the whistle with the requirements for the following :

1, start of the race (including a team wins a game ball after the restart). Soon as whistle, whistle a little longer.

2, the end of game time (including the end of first half or the full match time). Two to three short whistle sound, followed soon as a long post.

3, sub-contractors a certain team wins a ball. Soon as a long whistle.

4, implementation of the free-throw penalty. Soon as whistle, whistle a little longer.

5, field foul occurred or other circumstances, the referee suspended the game, the whistle should be timely.

In addition to these five kinds of circumstances, such as a sideline or goal line the ball into dead ball, as well as throw, kick a free kick, goal kick, corner kick, the referee dropping the ball and so on to restore competition, may from time to whistle. The event of special circumstances, may be appropriate whistle, such as:

(1) The ball is now beyond sideline or goal line, while the team has not yet stopped competitions, the referee should whistle to indicate the ball had been out of bounds.

(2) to resume play in the implementation of positioning the ball, there are not in conformity with rules of the phenomenon, the referee be corrected, it can indicate a short whistle.

(3) In the defensive side near the penalty area or the penalty area by the attacking side kicks, the referee in correcting the defensive side the ball away from the players retreated to 9.15 meters in the process should be accountable both clear and the signal to be corrected before to restore competition, this signal can be whistle or a clear gesture to indicate.

(B) the method and requirements whistle

As mentioned earlier, the referee whistle is used by the main signal to be accurate and timely, crisp and decisive. Whistle while not a substitute for a complex language, but largely entertaining enough to express the referee decision whether determination and confidence. In general, the requirements of the referee whistle, is the penalty of timely and accurate, based on the crisp whistle powerful, strong or weak, moderate. Such as the start of the race, race time, or sentenced to a certain team wins the end of a whistle the ball should be slightly longer, but should also be appropriate, too long people would feel superfluous and annoying. Another example, the penalty foul whistle, they should be based on the severity of a foul with different levels, such as the Department of ordinary foul, only moderate length, crisp can be a powerful whistle is heard; In case of rough, serious foul, with regard to sudden of a strong sound, showing that the rules can not violate the dignity, although not the use of language, but to foul players expressing "Your foul enough serious" such a hint, whistle itself must be cautioned for a foul play the role of team members .

Reduce unnecessary whistle was the referee in the field must be respected in an art. To improve the whistle of the "awe-inspiring sense", the referee should first of self to "purify the noise." Some of the referee is blowing foul when used in the Ming soon as after a long post to be trivial continuous whistle, sometimes in order to place the ball on the correct position to play a little bit of discrepancies, but also trivial continuous whistle, and blown skies ring, this extra whistle, it will only undermine the atmosphere of competition, is highly undesirable.

(C) the referee whistle means the Executive Directors

referee whistle There are two ways:

One is set in the neck, running time in its mouth. This approach is characterized by fast ring post, from the decision to the issue of whistle whistle without any preparation. But the drawback is that the referee was too sensitive to the intense competition sudden ring post, for some minor foul, the use of favorable terms are not fine, but the whistle had rung as irreversible. Another drawback is that the whistle in its mouth, great inconvenience when running on the rapid breathing also have an impact.

The other is suspended from the wrist, when running in the hand. This approach is characterized by easy run on the running of rapid breathing had no effect. When the referee saw a foul to contain the situation before the whistle sounded, as to whether a fine or the use of favorable terms, there is a moment of reflection and re-observation process, thus preventing a situation is a sudden ring post shortcomings.

These two methods only executive posts at all levels, UEFA, FIFA is no uniform regulations and requirements, but after long-term practice shows that the second method has the more obvious advantages to the international and domestic judges universally adopted.

2, the referee gestures

football referees should strive gestures used in simple, clear, precise hands, giving direct, clear feeling. The use of these gestures designed to make games smoothly. The role of gestures primarily to indicate how the next game should be, therefore, the foul play of athletes, referees generally do not need to imitate.

A high level of referees, their gestures and other behavior must be concise, simple, stretch, generous, people awe. Where the help of gestures, whistle posturing, posturing, exposed himself, grandstanding, not only dilute the atmosphere of competition, and must provoke contempt, resulting in reducing the referee's credibility.

The FIFA accredited referee uniform gestures are as follows:

(a) Direct free kick: Single Arm Lateral Raise, clear instructions on the direction of play.

(2) Indirect free kick: arm on the move, palm forward. This gesture should continue to kick the ball after the pitch was hit or the other players until the ball into the dead.

(3) Goal kick: under the arm forward oblique move, pointing to the implementation of the goal area goal kick.

(D) of the corner: arm ramp on the move, pointing to implementation of the corner of the corner area.

(5) free-throw penalty: under the arm forward oblique move, clearly point to the implementation of foul penalty of the penalty spot.

(F) indicate continued competition: team foul, the referee, when the use of favorable terms without penalty, should give to the game gesture: his arms before the move, arm swing straight forward slightly.

(7) members to make appearances and conduct penalty warning: right players to make appearances fine or warning, respectively, to produce red, yellow card. The use of red, yellow cards, they should cite the primary licensed arm, facing the players have been punished, there is a short time to pause, so that is good on and off can see what team members to action.

3, assistant referee flag showing

the rules and regulations, assistant referee has no right directly to making the event and behavior, have no right to impose on the athletes, his flag showing only the signal required to provide information to the referee, as to whether sentences should be the referee decided. Thus, although the assistant referee on the referee hands the flag does not mean it's bound to stop, such as the referee showed the flag of the assistant referee did respond, the assistant referee should be shown in due course to recover flag.

Assistant referee's flag shows the observation should be easy to judge, therefore, assistant referee in the border line between running should be used flexibly for hand-held flags, so that one arm towards the floor holding flag. No flags showing when the flag should be a natural sag, running time, holding one arm flag should not be a significant swing in order to avoid the illusion of the referee.

The FIFA flag showing the unity of the validation is as follows:


assistant referee offside players offside and has been found to constitute the conditions to be fine, should stand parallel to the sideline with the players offside, the flag on a timely move, indicate to the referee. When the referee whistle making the event to see the flags on show after a pause:

If the assistant referee remote players offside, assistant referee should face the floor, move the flag on the forward ramp. If the middle player offside, assistant referee should face the floor, held the flag before the flat. If the assistant referee proximal players offside, assistant referee should face the inside will be held under the banner forward ramp.

(B) foul ball

assistant referee flags should be skewed on the move, the direction of instructions throw.

(C) goal kick

assistant referees should be oriented towards the venue, the flag before the flat move, pointing to the implementation of the goal area goal kick.

(D) corner

assistant referees should be held under the flag of oblique corner point to the proximal zone. ,

(5) to replace members of

assistant referee finds a replacement team to consult members should wait until the race into a dead ball with both hands held the flag horizontal overshoot, to prompt the referee to consult a team substitutions.

In addition to these five kinds of flags showing foreign economic referees commission, assistant referee flags indicate to the referee can also provide assistance, such as:

1, such as the assistant referee found within the vicinity of their players are infractions, while the referee is not aware that when the assistant referee can give the flag, and add rocking motion. When the referee to see the flag and make it game show after a pause, assistant referee flags should be skewed on the move, indicating the direction of free kicks.

2, such as the assistant referee found himself near the corner throw, or kick, goal kick, etc. of non-compliance with the rules, the flag should be on the move, plus the rocking action, prompted the referee to be positive or otherwise impose discipline.

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