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Juventus how the relationship with the Atlanta, /

Note that two-way selection2010-01-18 09:01:44 +0000 #1
Juventus relationship with the Atlanta, /
Release War2010-01-18 09:07:28 +0000 #2
war record

the two teams in history, fighting a total of 24 games, Atlanta 3 wins six-ping 15 negative disadvantage. Home teams in Atlanta, a total of 12 war games, Atlanta 3 wins 3 level 6 negative disadvantage. Recently a meeting two teams fighting hand to hand than the two shake hands, then let Qiuban Handicap for Juventus. Atlanta last eight games, two wins three flat three negative, Win rate of 50%, nearly six field trend: win win win lose win or lose. Juventus last 8 games, 4 wins 2 flat 2 negative, Win rate of 50% over the past six games trend: win lose lose win win or lose.

Time to race home team scores the visiting team

2009-05-17 Juventus 2-2 Serie A Serie A Atlanta 2008-12-21 Atlanta

2008-04-20 Serie A Juventus 1-3 Atlanta 0-4 2007-12-09 Serie A Juventus

2005-01-30 Juventus 1-0 in Atlanta, Atlanta, 1-2 Serie A Juventus

This is their history of fighting the record, I think if I did not understand the mistake if you want the data in this area is it?
angel_sun2010-01-18 09:40:02 +0000 #3
they should not be a faction of the weekend game, Ewing hit the road bad.
thinking2010-01-18 10:24:49 +0000 #4
Atlanta downgrade this year's hot. . .

Juve win logical being!



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