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Dianqiu master come! Qiujiaodianqiu

wlxmfj2010-02-04 02:01:03 +0000 #1
Dianqiu really好难school

I must be ah ah ah ah

1 Qiujiao the following questions. Dianqiu, and make them want to recline or lean forward or upright?

2. I always can not master the ball's point is not always an accurate ball with the instep.

3. Dianqiu, you need to make the ball spin up?
Yi to free the former Arsenal2010-02-04 02:15:58 +0000 #2
I was a kid, when school football coach that would Shaodai a few essentials, and then each class before they are practicing Dianqiu first 2.3 years on the so practiced, you practice more . I will tell you the way subversion ah:

1. My body is to lean forward slightly, so that people feel that you have read the coordination of

2. Ball-point Well, you use the toes Britain, not feet Kazakhstan, instep Dianqiu will forward flight. Specific location is that you shoes and shoe laces before the first sharp piece of mid-point of the region

3. Dianqiu positive every time the bottom up a little bit so the ball wherever you turn in that direction, this time the ball is like control of the

4. the ball height of Britain's OK with a glass lid so another job

I think this is enough of the details of it, anyway I was such a jolt, and the key you have to practice, every time reaches Detoxification sure to jolt you to stop a good , really.

Oh Yes, a time when Britain should first get the knee out, you sure do not understand the feeling I have described do not come out, anyway, is the last word hard, practiced hard bar
Lovely Da Tougui2010-02-04 02:25:51 +0000 #3
I had someone else to answer to this problem good reference for the answer .. ..

ice three feet thick cold day ..

do something that requires practice are no exception .. .. Dianqiu Dianqiu this stuff .. there is no special skills .. In addition to more practice .. but there are also quite important to some technical movements of the ..

For example, when Dianqiu .. whole body in a more relaxed state .. not .. no air conditioning before the activity can be Dianqiu .. with the feet about the ankle when the toe Dianqiu Dianqiu .. 1:00 .. so little to improve Britain would swing the ball around the back to Britain .. .. but in general still have to practice more before the ..

I Dianqiu up only 80 .. very happy .. then later .. Dianqiu often takes a person to reach 1300 now record a few practice Dianqiu .. but now .. hard to break their own should be recorded .. Hehe .. anyway .. football .. like .. the only thing fun to bring the most pure fun I have is football ..
jililong10122010-02-04 02:59:23 +0000 #4
Practice makes perfect, it should be more practice

Dian Qiu, two knees to relax , toes slightly back hooks, the foot will not stop the ball too much death

As for the rotation does not rotate, then look at your own Dianqiu way to maintain a balance of

the body, not rickety



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