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Who invented football

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Spring Columbia
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British "Times" recently published an article entitled "Who invented the football," the article. The article said in football, basketball and baseball three sports in the most easy to trace the history of basketball. In 1891, the United States Springfield, Massachusetts, James Smith, a teacher at the local university, invented the game of basketball. When and where to find invention of baseball will encounter some problems. But people generally believe that 1839 to 1845, the United States east of New York and New Jersey have invented baseball.

The United Kingdom every student knows, the Romans taught us how to build bathrooms, roads, central heating systems and brewing wine. Perhaps they did not know that Julius Caesar was also taught the British how to play football. Cuju

Football has been a serious challenge to this widely spread in today's world the origin of the movement has been a contentious issue. Some scholars say that ancient Egypt's fertile land along the Nile in ancient natural course and nurture the world's first football player. Other experts claim that the ancient sport, football was invented in China in 300 BC, when called Cuju. The earliest records show that in 1697 BC, China's Yellow Emperor invented the Tzu-Chu. Quick fixes here, refers to the kicking action, Ju refers to is made of animal skin and wool football. Irish legend that was first invented football should be Irish. In addition to China, Egypt and Ireland, in addition, Japan, Greece, Rome and England football inventors will want to wear the crown of his head.

However, the Italian football is now not only to serve as the inventor of ancient times, but also the birthplace of modern football from England moved to the peninsula. Italian authorities recently published sports encyclopedia expressed certainty that even in ancient Rome was not the birthplace of football, or at least the first popular in ancient and modern football place. Moreover, the encyclopedia has also come up with Italian fresco shows the 1st century AD when the Roman legions of Caesar have football as a military entertainment,埃斯奎里尼the tomb of the ancient painting provided sufficient proof. In accordance with the Italians say, China to promote football in the first invention and popularity status has been a serious challenge.

Italian football to England

latest version of the Italian sports encyclopedia acknowledged that Greece has been carried out, including the "basic elements", including football, and the Greeks called this movement "grabbing activities." However, it is the Romans made the sport to be popular, because it was the decline of the Greek empire, the Romans took over Greek territory. Football became a Roman campaign.

"Football" in Latin meaning for the scramble. Game, football has been thrown into the air, two teams began to find ways to play, throwing the ball or carrying the ball ran to the other side of the goal line. During the competition, Chong grab a lot of moves and jumps, the athletes kept running back and forth in the Stadium. It is said that the Romans had cabbage the size of soccer, soccer with horse hair and other animal hair is made of relatively high-level football is made of the use of virgin hair soft.
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There are several claims: 1 Ancient Chinese Cuju

2 European kicking prisoners head
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play modern football originated in England ah
China did football2010-02-04 02:27:27 +0000 #7
Cuju and I support the former European head
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Chinese people! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Soccer originated in ancient China's Song Dynasty, named Cuju! Modern football originated in England.



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