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How to look at three giants were arrested Football

fdg52df1g2122010-02-04 03:01:33 +0000 #1

li4071624482010-02-04 03:13:19 +0000 #2
should also pick up about the whole thing! There are now in Chinese football environment! Looking at the world let alone in the world in Asia say China soon to become Asia's third-rate team of my 18-year-14 years old when the love of soccer leagues in Europe say do not look pretty, but I have never read the European leagues take a look at their own people The league then it will not read this year's Beijing Guoan is a microcosm of Chinese football people I was Changchun Yatai's efforts and hard work is evident to everyone's Nan Yong was arrested this can prove that China is changing the way we have to give football one of its adaptation process may give the Chinese Nan Yong was arrested throes of football in the near future, but let me think about the future think about the future of our super-bar is China's top soccer league and now the problem is that we reserve the lack of talent was so looking Football moved to Sichuan to see people regard the school can go to play in China is that the rich have money do not think I almost took the road of football I like football, but because the families did not go because I like the way the tuition 100000-200000 career path in order to come to this so that people like us simply elusive hey really want to look at China Football Super Xiongqi finally support our league is willing to become like the European leagues City pick up the ball the same blessings of the Chinese Football
handsome guy is narcissistic2010-02-04 03:14:06 +0000 #3
the satisfaction of everyone na!



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