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Liaozu brothers Who else?

Qin Ge2010-01-18 10:01:19 +0000 #1
Luton --- "Lao Ba", many small players have called him "starling", which was also mixed Lu Dong Liu Jiansheng, called "The youngest," Liu Jiansheng because of drug use by the media exposure, so notorious, and Liu Jiansheng had a criminal record is also the fixing of matches Moreover, Liu Jiansheng is a goalkeeper, so easier to cheat. As for the "Laoqi" is all well-known champion Zhang Yuning.

Since we have "Lao Ba", "Laoqi," "The youngest," then the top surface are who?
Moon God2010-01-18 10:14:33 +0000 #2
Liaozu a veteran team in a rather scornful tone, said: "Of course not all one team, the boss of course, on humanitarian ground!"



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