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English football, why is divided into two areas?

520.37 thousand2010-02-04 07:01:27 +0000 #1
Why are there two English Premier League?

English Premier League and Scottish Premier League?

And a country can have two teams, England, Scotland to participate in qualifying?

Seemed to have a second final, two teams went into it?

Russia seemed to have a map of Asia?

Remember that he seemed able to participate in European competitions such as the European Cup, Champions League

and the Asian Cup, AFC Champions?

But there is no
Cool Luna2010-02-04 07:08:04 +0000 #2
China China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao, China, like ah!
Kindergarten72010-02-04 07:27:06 +0000 #3
United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, four-part, they have their own respective Football Association, each have their own league. Premiership football in England Premier League, Scottish Premier League Scottish Premier League. Only political unity, similar to the mainland with Hong Kong and Macao relations, but not exactly the same.
vabbit2010-02-04 07:21:22 +0000 #4
is divided into three. This is due to political reasons for decision. I was also depressed that they are together, then the World Cup more exciting. But that is absolutely impossible.
Retaining the ball to Thierry Henry2010-02-04 07:38:33 +0000 #5
's like the Chinese have China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao, China, like ah!
Fcliwm2010-02-04 09:28:00 +0000 #6
England was the birthplace of modern football, England football when the region, Scotland and other regions have not soccer. So, England have established their own associations, the establishment of the British Football Association, marking the origin of modern football.

1930, the first session of the World Cup start. At this time, the United Kingdom already have in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland four football associations, also holds its own league, but also have their own football team. Conceited Englishman does not want to, and then a lot of other countries, the level of bad games, and therefore it did not participate in the World Cup. Later, the World Football Federation and the United Kingdom of Britain in the World Cup has been the repeated consultations, but to no avail. By the eighth World Cup, the United Kingdom was the host, to take this opportunity, the United Kingdom and the World Football Federation to reach agreement, the United Kingdom consists of four teams in the World Cup, respectively. It is equivalent to the World Football Federation acknowledged the existence of the four FA. Olympic Games because of the need by the national team competition, so not Britain, will not be able to participate in the joint team. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, England already achieved qualifying places, but because of this, not to China.

English League and Scottish leagues have a long history of Wales in 1992 was also set up their own league, Northern Ireland also has league. The league a total of eight European Champions Cup (including qualifying) eligibility, which is the reason for Michel Platini against English football.

Russia's traditional sense, is a European country, and belong to UEFA, so to participate in European competitions. Some Asian countries, such as Turkey, Israel and Kazakhstan joined UEFA, it also took part in European competitions, not to participate in the Asian tournament.
Small kids 222010-02-04 08:10:23 +0000 #7
all countries have different national conditions, like Macau, Hong Kong belong to our country, but the team is still not the same, the league also, CSL is also confined to the mainland. Similarly, the United Kingdom is divided into four administrative regions, but also for political reasons. Therefore, the league was to become England's Premiership, Scottish Premier League in Scotland has become.

Russia is the world's superpower across Europe and Asia, but not because of political factors, divided into regions, and political center in Europe, regarded as Europe's countries, so are all from the Champions League kicked.

Enough detail of the bar -
rabbit's tail is long2010-02-04 08:05:22 +0000 #8
political factors. Scotland and England in the history of hostility N years, Northern Ireland is actually carved out from Ireland, so have the so-called IRA in Northern Ireland, Wales was incorporated into the Kingdom of Great Britain in the 16th century, 4-part fragmentation, in fact the United Kingdom only one of the Kingdom of the Commonwealth
love Di2010-02-04 09:49:57 +0000 #9
United Kingdom of England and Scotland is like the Chinese in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao, China, as have their own league, the World Cup and European Cup, when such is also a big game England national team known as the Scottish national team, and can not be called the national team, like Hong Kong, China Team can not be called the national team, like Hong Kong, China, Russia belongs to Europe, not Asia
tangyidon2010-02-04 07:30:04 +0000 #10
United Kingdom the situation is like situation in China and Hong Kong such as the Olympic Games, China has a team in Hong Kong also has the same

United Kingdom is rather special it is the United Kingdom is composed of several countries of England and Scotland can participate in European or world soccer qualifying tournament in Wales is the same, but the Olympic Games is not the same as in Britain there is only one English team can not be sub-why the England team, or teams of Wales

Russia has a geographical map of Asia, we put it into plates of Asia and Europe but its political center in Europe, so there in politics on the international recognition it is the European country
lv_dong19852010-02-04 08:07:57 +0000 #11
Lou Zhu, this issue or I'll answer it -

1. Britain is England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the composition of the four administrative regions, and each region has its own The Football Association, also have their own league .. the International Cup (the World Cup and European Cup) is a region in the form of Football Association as the unit participate in the competition, and precisely because of this reason, these four are the FIFA Football Association members, they have the right to participate in the World Cup and European Cup, and all have a England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland team, give a very simple example, the 1998 World Cup opening match is Scotland VS Brazil , while the famous Manchester United star Ryan Giggs is Welsh, his life represents the Welsh play, therefore, with regret always miss the World Cup. Soccer Cup is not like the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games that it would be to states to participate, so that in the Olympic Games to see the British team, now you understand it?

2. If you look at the map carefully, you will find that most of the territory of Russia in Europe, there is also the traditional sense of the European countries, mainly in the capital Moscow and major industrial cities in Europe, so the logical people to join UEFA, and can participate in the European Cup, the club also can participate in the Champions League game strategy, at least until now, have not heard the news of Russia's accession to the AFC ..

how like? I answered fairly detailed bar ---



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