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To write a good captain, introduced a character, behavior, award-winning, etc. 500 words

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Paolo Maldini June 26, 1968 was born in Milan, Italy, the former AC Milan captain cut sare Maldini's son, in the 1988 European Football Championship emerge, in the past more than 10 years has been considered to be Italy's best left-back. He was not only a good defense, assists the left is the champions, able defender of the functional. In 1994 the British "world football" as the year the world's best player. Is even more commendable is that from the 16-year-old Paolo Maldini for AC Milan since the effectiveness of loyalty until today, will lead AC Milan to the dynasty reached its zenith in the record on behalf of AC Milan, played 902 games, is the famous dynasty of Milan Witnesses and founders. May 24, 2009, Serie A match with Roma at the San Siro is the cavalry's testimonial, May 31, 2009, AC Milan and Fiorentina in the away game is played by the cavalry on behalf of Milan, the first 902 games and last a full-fledged比赛.

Paolo Maldini is Milan's standard-bearer, by virtue of the 02-03 season Champions League AC Milan, outstanding performance and in the nearly 20 years of loyalty, he became the UEFA Lifetime Achievement Award was the first person to.

January 20, 1985 on behalf of AC Milan 1-1 Udinese away match for the first time playing in Serie A; September 8, 1985 on behalf of AC Milan 1:3 away the negative Auxerre, France, playing the game the first time in European competition (UEFA Cup); March 31, 1988 on behalf of the Italian team of 1:1 flat road game the first time the Yugoslav team played in international competitions.

Paolo Maldini is one of the world's best defender. His quiet demeanor, there is "AC Milan Prince" and "Prince Charming," said.

Paolo Maldini June 26, 1968 was born in Milan, Italy. Father, Cesare Maldini is the 20th century, 50's and 60's AC Milan team and the national team's main defender, familiar with the true meaning of chain-type defense. AC Milan team in 1955, the Italian league for the first time since they have in the 1957,1959 and 1962 three times to win. 1963, as the captain led his unit to AC Milan 2-1 victory over AC Milan, Benfica, Portugal was the first one in the history of the Champions League. He was the first one who lifted the trophy in Italy and created the history of AC Milan's first Golden Age. Maldini May 28, 1967 Once on shore, after the final league officially ended his playing career. The second year of his baby son, Paolo Maldini was born.

January 1985, only 16-year-old Maldini began Serie A first step. At that time, legendary coach Nils Liedholm (old Maldini's former teammate) said to him: "out to play, it is only game." Maldini said: "In the many years of professional soccer career, I have been in Serie effect. I am very fortunate to have participated in an extremely high standard of the beginning of the game, and gradually grow up. and佛朗哥巴雷西together, I learned a lot, not only football skills , and learn from his leadership qualities.'s not a good player every so happy to be able to join a good team, but also continuously made a variety of honors. "
a small but passionate Maldini losing maturity, so that he soon won the AC Milan team a starting spot, and in 1987

1988 season with the squad winning the Serie A league title. When the first one golden medals hanging around the neck when he was 19 years old, more than his father was first a gold medal earlier 3 years.

Paolo Maldini energy all the time, no matter what occurs on track, he will keep his cool head, but not easily impulsive, defensive, when accurate and clean the other side. He left the technology becoming more perfect. If space permits, in order to evade his opponent would first get the ball kicked out of 3 meters or more, and then one ball points before, Tried and tested.

In 1988

1989 season, Paolo Maldini won the first European Champions League his life. In the final, he and his teammates airtight defender Franco Baresi and so on-line so that Steaua Bucharest came back with nothing. A solid defense, he frequently assists plug a result, the team to 4-0 win over Steaua Bucharest.

The second year of Maldini and his teammates Youyi 1-0 defeat to Benfica, the Champions League re. In 1989 and 1990 They were 1-0 and 3-0 victory over the national team in Medellin, Colombia, Paraguay's Olimpia team. After his father retired, he ushered in another golden age of AC Milan.

1990, held in Italy on the 14th session of the World Cup, Paolo Maldini and his teammates failed to make the final, lost a chance to win at home.

In 1994, the European Champions Cup, because of Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta suspension can not participate in the Barcelona final, coach Fabio Capello will be transferred to Middle Maldini, his broad vision and extraordinary temperament generals let people experience the grace of his ability. In fact, he can play well in almost every position. The game has such as Romario and Hristo Stoichkov Barcelona superstar team lost 0:4.

Perhaps the fate and missed the World Cup trophy, Paolo Maldini at the 1994 U.S. World Cup shock defeat again. Franco Baresi out of the race due to injury, he stood in the customary position Baresi and served as captain. Decade sword, Paolo Maldini is not only technology is mature, his style has matured, and his character has been unanimously endorsed by coaches and teammates, he is indisputably the soul of the court. In the finals, they lost the game on penalties to Brazil. Italy lost in a penalty once again, the destiny is one such fool the people.

Fair mind. In this session of the World Cup, Maldini's performance is commendable. He is playing this session the most time on the Cup team, up to 690 minutes. FIFA's technical team, the German "Kicker", French "11 people" were the best team he was selected as the World Cup. This year, the third time he won the European Champions Cup. By the end of 1994 the United Kingdom "World Soccer" named him as the "World Player of the Year", he is the world's first defender so honored.

People praised Maldini is the best defender on the planet. His movements efficient, but not rough, is a law-abiding players. Although there have occasionally been foul play, but because he was a good impression on the minds of the referees, it can often barely able to avoid punishment. This should be true thanks to his father, Cesare Maldini pass. Play with the mind rather than kicked his opponent was his father's advice.

Paolo Maldini left the world of football is excellent defensive skills and loyalty. Franco Baresi retired, he was naturally replaced Barresi position. He firmly implementation of the new coach Zaccheroni "three Zhongwei," play to convince teammates to obey the coach's tactics, this is precisely because of his dedication, AC Milan before winning again in 1999, made a brief glory. Champions League final in 2003, the Maldini also along with teammates in the penalty shootout victory over Juventus, as the captain himself won the European Champions League trophy, repeating his father four decades ago glory. We can say that family history is a legend Paolo Maldini. Now, his son Christian Milan youth team is being continued with their family's honor.

As the world's first left-back, which in the game, then good striker Paolo Maldini are reluctant to break off the Road. His most prominent feature is the hot-pursuit and the cards pressed phase combination of clear-headed judgments and strong, the card is not card people the ball, not a personal foul. He was fighting on the pitch for so many years, which has never been a striker, he kicked off. He did not dispute with the referee, to teammates like brothers, he was the spiritual leader of the absolute team.



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