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lxszseo2010-02-04 13:02:11 +0000 #1

serein882010-02-04 13:07:18 +0000 #2
Victor Chandler International (Victor Chandler Worldwide) is the world's leading network of gaming groups in

Victor Chandler International Group Chairman Victor Chandler (Victor Chandler, Chandler) to accept changes in the spirit of innovative spirit, in 1999, a bold one Bo, the whole company's customer account management to move from London to Gibraltar and the next day to customers around the world announced the tax-free betting; this behavior completely changed the entire gaming industry; prompted the British Government to re-adjust its betting tax attitude, but also to pave the way for the United Kingdom towards the tax-free betting. With 63 years of continuous development and exploration, Wai-tak deep insight into the expansion of the gaming industry in this year the most important is the newness and change.

The company of Gibraltar as a headquarters and set up offices throughout the world. Victor Chandler International customers around the world to provide online and telephone betting, and as many as 14 kinds of language services to support different types of online games.

In research and development, we have an inexhaustible spare no effort to make your bets in the most secure circumstances, but also continue to explore different types of game players to make one of the most stable condition, the most carefree gaming platform to participate in the game; because we believe that continuous "make progress" spirit, will offer players the most "good" gaming platform.

In the Victor Chandler Asia VCBetAsia page you will find many types of sports bets include: football, golf, basketball, baseball, tennis and racing, but also provide live casino, poker and some authentic-oriented Asian games. The company since its founding in 1946, after the spirit and the spirit of innovation and dedication to the sport of these two beliefs lay the foundation for the development of the Group, and quickly became an outstanding gaming companies.

Victor Chandler Asia VCBetAsia by Wei Tak International (VCI) of the Gibraltar headquarters operations in the local license and received a full endorsement. Our company's registered address in Gibraltar: 3 / 1 City Mill Lane, PO Box 790, Gibraltar.

Victor Chandler sports passion manifested in its various types of high-profile major events throughout the year in the efforts to contribute to. Victor Chandler is a 2002 Ryder Cup officially designated gaming companies, but also become a European Tour golf tournament and many major sporting event's official sponsor.

Victor Chandler group is an important major UK horse race sponsors, the main sponsor of the event, including Cheltenham Bula Hurdle, York's Nunthorpe Stakes, Ascot's Victor Chandler Chase, "Nottingham Forest" 09/10 Annual Sponsors
BloveL282010-02-04 13:10:02 +0000 #3
Wade is an individual, NBA star, NBA is the United States Basketball League,

Wade played for Miami Heat team, the core of the team is the team boss.
qxd4112010-02-04 14:08:31 +0000 #4
In addition to the United States NBA Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade No. 3, as well as a chain gym, also known as Wade. China has also opened a lot.



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