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3 South Korea's largest country which one

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huialfred2010-02-04 18:08:03 +0000 #2
Ma Han

based on the following:

3 Korea is considered a loose coalition of city-style. City's ruling class is considered a political and a mixture of shamanism. Each city has its own rulers, but no evidence of the existence of a hereditary system.

Chen Han Chen follows the country's "e" is used. Byeonhan another called "Bian Chen" also use "e" word. Mahan also the ruler of a period of time called themselves the entire three-chen Wang said that South Korea's rule.

Ma Han Han is the largest of three from the 54 city-states constituted. Roughly located in Jeolla, Chungcheong and Gyeonggi Province. Later Baekje unified Mahan.

Chen Han mainly located in the east of the Nakdong River, composed of 12 city. One of the city was later absorbed by other city-states into Silla.

Byeonhan composed of 12 city-states developed into Silla Gaya after being absorbed. Benten Korea is located in the south and west of the Nakdong River.



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