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How to play cut-off shovel? Is a sliding tackle, sliding scoop

desert south to the north sea2010-02-04 18:01:44 +0000 #1
such as the title
tof32322010-02-04 18:09:23 +0000 #2
Tackle is fallen to their feet cut the ball, sliding tackle before sliding shovel is in the running because of the state , fell to the ground after sliding on the grass due to inertia on the formation of a sliding key lies in run-up shovel
borrey2010-02-04 18:32:53 +0000 #3
sights kicked the ball in the past can, and do not shining people's Tuiti
ivandebin2010-02-04 19:05:49 +0000 #4
more practice on-line



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