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Lily how downgrade

z25785302010-02-04 20:01:35 +0000 #1

Jiaxing dumplings 55552010-02-04 20:10:17 +0000 #2
2000-01 season, along with the economic collapse, and missed a beat, and the consequent Shuaimai star, Florence gradually fall into an abyss. 2001-02 season, Florence 34 with just 22 points brutally demoted matters worse, the club debt of almost 6,000 million euros. Because there is no end to raise the necessary 22 million euros, the former Chairman of Cecci - High Lane in August 4, 2002 declared bankruptcy in Florence, the team relegated to the lowest C 2 leagues, and players who are all free transfer. Subsequently entered the Italian Footwear big亨德拉瓦莱Florence, led by a new Viola began the road to recovery.

Due to the help of the Italian football club and their own efforts, Florence in the 2002-2004 achieve the "triple jump" from the lowest league to return to Serie C 2. The 2004-05 season, accumulated 42 points in Florence 38 successful relegation, thus curtain "Renaissance" prelude.



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