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Stars fans? ? ? ?

lv_dong19852010-02-05 00:01:21 +0000 #1
What are the entertainment industry stars and the senior officials of the political arena football fans? I only know that Nicholas Tse is the fans, and once, appearing on variety shows said, his favorite Andy Shevchenko .. It seems that fans Bar! ! There are Who's that? Da Huoer talk ah? ? ? ?
kukjaepark2010-02-05 00:06:18 +0000 #2
Hacken Lee

Hacken Lee is a super fans of Manchester United, Manchester United fans will also Honorary President of Hong Kong, and his wife, Lu Shuyi is also a Manchester United fan Hacken Lee was dating his girlfriend on the promise will bring her to the Manchester United old Trafford stadium wedding photo shoot in his yearbook he wrote: "he has promised to marry you and I would certainly go on Old Trafford to film a phase." promises turn into reality in May 2006 two leading make-up artists, hair Surveyors and photographer and his party more than 10 people came to Old Trafford stands and changing rooms viewfinder, when the couple's feelings are very pleased. Keqin with the Manchester United Stadium with Lu Shuyi snapping pictures and Manchester United players who had also arrived at the scene, unfortunately in June to prepare for the World Cup was canceled.

Andy Lau

apm mall in Hong Kong opening ceremony with the King Eric Cantona had met, when the fans caught on to, more than 3000 members of the public to force the blast shopping malls, the master of ceremonies introduces Cantona played, the fans cheer immediately. (Of course华仔came out as well. But华仔Conmen in Las Vegas in which Beckham has played (David Beckham), wearing a Manchester United jersey 99 years

Duan Xuan Xuan in the student section as well as the newly recruited when the line is an out and out Manchester United's loyal fans. In paragraph Xuan's family has two signed Manchester United shirt, a hanging in the room, while the other pieces in an interview that he was when displayed.

Duan Xuan like Manchester United, because of Cantona, "the first time I saw him play, give me a left a deep impression, because this guy is not only passed the ball well, as well as charisma. "* from the time the frenzy like Manchester United, and then to now, as a host and commentator, Duan Xuan admits that she has gradually a change in mentality," I find it difficult to reuse crazy fans to describe my Manchester United feelings, as a Manchester United fan, I have gone through their Champions League in 1999, won a big reversal, so the peak have experienced, and I now not the same as in the previous posts, so I will be more rational way to look at Manchester United Manchester United to enjoy. "
like Manchester United Duan Xuan, the most attention of course, Sir Alex Ferguson, he was coaching the Scottish experience of the old man's gasp in admiration, and Duan Xuan said frankly that he does not know Sir Alex will be coaching in the end over a long time," but I believe in one point, he repeatedly used the time before retirement will want Champions League. "

Lee Chong Wei Lee Chong Wei right hand holding the bat, the division's former Chinese coach Li Mao rose rapidly after the results. As a Malaysian top player Lee Chong Wei is a bit over the past year Rounds of the characters, even meet with lindane, the odds are not great, but Lee Chong Wei shining achievements in recent years, the state is also relatively stable, it has been China's men's singles, one of the strongest opponents. He is Manchester United fans, the Manchester United Asian Tour, Malaysia stand by him as Manchester United lifted the Premiership trophy on behalf of the fans

Krusty combination of

Krusty the two Hong Kong women's combination of music, from Cheung Wing-yan (Jan, 1982.7.18, is Chang Chi-heng 【Sun Boy'z a member of the】's sister) and the living have lan (Chucky, 1982.2.5) was formed in 2005, owned recording company Silly Thing. y "Cl2 P h

Krusty the origin of this name is the U.S. cartoon" The Simpsons "cartoon clown role of Krusty the Clown, which are expected to be able to remember their music, bringing fans a happy feeling. album: 2005: Hello Krusty (AVEP) TV shows; 2005: 100 Public Law 100 ( Second Series)

2004: Red sand mark @ Clover .2 (only Jan)

05.7.26 combination of two women's Krusty attended "ING Antai Manchester United charity party" Those fortunate enough to see Manchester United star, very excited, but also shirts and posters are prepared to come to sign

2 boys & girls, this time out all the stops to make first breakthrough in the security line of 10 people, finally got 6 players for autographs, including striker Wayne Rooney

Brad Pitt starred in "Legally Blonde," "Seven", "Legends of years," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and other iconic movie stars Brad Pitt, David Beckham is said to, in some point of view is very similar. both in support of the team is consistent indeed, Brad Pitt is the famous Manchester United fans, while Manchester United's victory is the happiest moment of Brad Pitt.

Justin. Timberlake

pop star Jia Justin (Justin Timberlake) love Manchester United. Compared to the complex love, Manchester United's offensive football can bring him more happiness

West Side Boys members Nick

Nick was an avid Manchester United fans. His status is also very special He was also a Premiership football player. It is worth mentioning that, after Rooney's Sheng invited the band Westlife in Wayne Rooney's wedding singing. Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin in Italy, married, 21-year-old Coleen Rooney birthday party when he invited the Irish band Westlife on the well-known performances, unfortunately without success. while Wayne Rooney has repeatedly linked via the wedding, and finally realized this desire, this news enough to make crazy "West fans," Section Lynn excited I could not sleep

The 2008 Olympic Games, Li Ning, the torchbearers, the Olympic champion, well-known brand has been a Manchester United fans, mister

Nicholas Tse Eason Chan Eric Tsang is also a Manchester United fan

Lou Zhu am sorry I was Manchester United fans gathered The first part is Manchester United do not mind
------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

Arsenal star fan

Chou En-lai Chou En-lai in 1976 (78 years) died when the mirror newspaper headline is "Arsenal have lost a supporter." Biography In this article, we know that Zhou Enlai had spent many years in London, and follow the Arsenal. This one is my most reluctant to mention of, to be honest I am really envious of Arsenal

former Tory party chairman, Chris Patten, last British Governor of Hong Kong. had the radio declared that "when I die is an Arsenal fan"

Aleksander Kwasniewski

Polish President , 1974, when working in London became the Gunners fans

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen's mother

Denis Compton's loyal fans, yes, really

O'Sullivan (Ronnie O'Sullivan)

snooker world championship . It has been said that he was Spurs fans. But he was warming up for the defending champion snooker, he made it very clear (that he is Arsenal fan). because he should concentrate on snooker, he said that he can not suppress the joy of the double winners Arsenal to win.

------------------------------------ -----------------------------

Liverpool's star fans

did not expect Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United player is actually a well-known Liverpool fans

Michael Schumacher is a Liverpool fan

Angelina. Julie is a Liverpool fans were craving a

Westlife Shane

Mark and Kian is a Liverpool fan, but Nicky's team is Manchester United. 2008 Westlife world tour, first stop is Liverpool.

Tung Chee-hwa Tung Chee-hwa has studied at the University of Liverpool, is now the Red Army during its heyday, the former Hong Kong Chief Executive also has naturally become a die-hard fans, the Red Army . in 2003, when Liverpool's visit to China, Mr Tung also accepted the gift of his Liverpool shirt Owen.
Haiming Desert Snow2010-02-05 00:31:54 +0000 #3
Law Ka Ying England fans, like most is Wayne Rooney, Eason Chan is the Italian fans.



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