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Manchester United seek the strongest lineup

zcw8121132010-02-05 02:01:16 +0000 #1
Zhiqiu, regardless of any season, the strongest lineup
66598aa2010-02-05 02:05:45 +0000 #2
Manchester United history, the best 11-man roster

England "The Sun" named its 11 Manchester United the best team in history, they are:

Goalkeepers: Peter Schmeichel

regardless of any time, any place, Schmeichel's title is only one: one of the greatest goalkeeper. Manchester United set exploits people in Denmark are numerous, Ferguson said, in a season, Schmeichel one will be able to contribute 12 points for Manchester United. He shouted in front of the ball is the Manchester United defender of the most pleasant sound to hear, there he stood behind the guard can put 10000 hearts. Schmeichel is also often the first plan to attack the Red Devils, he Shoupao Qiu distance can reach 60 meters away, the Red Devils in 90 years time-tested quick counter-attack is proud to have such a giant in his hand a long pass . Schmeichel left Manchester United for up to six-year period suffering from "butter hands" of the suffering, and each time the replacement goalkeeper, fans will ask: is the second Schmeichel he would do?

Defenders: Gary - Neville, Pallister, Duncan - Edwards, Dennis - Irvine

Gary Neville is no doubt Manchester United in the history of Iron Man. Born and raised in Manchester United Gary is bound to be loyal, a child is a devout Manchester United fans, grew up in the Red Devils faithful warriors followed. No one can honor his harvest, and: 6 league titles, 3 FA Cups, 1 Cup champion and a World Club Cup.

In the back, where competition is fierce, Pallister's selection may be subject to many questions. In this position, played 688 times for Manchester United Fox and Bruce Pallister's partner is worth the name of Manchester United fans will always remember. But Pallister's achievements are not lost two legendary metal gates, also in the 90's, he was off when the midfielder position Kazuo 10000 Fumo opened a commanding impressive, but also Red Devils fans can not be tolerated that the Pallister actually did not place in the national team.

Duncan - John Edwards, the 1958 Munich massacre ruined the 21-year-old genius who is only football dream, if not that the dark days of wind and rain, he will become the history of one of the best metal gates. Manchester United legend Charlton had commented on the name of genius teammates: "If I could only pick one with my team-mates, then this person is Duncan - John Edwards."

Dennis - Irvine, known as the United Kingdom the best all-around football defender, who also created the glorious history of Manchester United 90 years of the most important member. Sir Alex Ferguson said of his most successful signings for Manchester United, one of energetic and cool, but also often through the free-kick score.

Midfielders: George Best, Roy Keane, Bobby - Charlton, Ryan Giggs

Best, forever synonymous with genius, there he is, Beckham could only make way. In that era, both off the court, his achievements are in Becks above. His appearance is like Beatles-style fifth man, handsome, more importantly, he is also a superb football talent, the Red Devils history of dribbling ability that no one can match his right, he scored many of the wonderful Goal is still being talked about by fans.

At first, Roy Keane was "Bryan - Robson" successor, who is joining Manchester United, but now there is no exaggeration to say that the Red Devils, wore a red shirt, Roy Keane has become a symbol of Manchester United. Offensive and defensive midfield, he played a pivotal role so far no one can replace, 99 years, the Irish interpretation of the classic lumbar counterparts, who can only look up to. Today, the 34-year-old Manchester United Roy Keane is still essential to re-will, Ferguson three years, tested five generals, but to no avail, his successor, who have a heavy heart to leave.

Compared with the Best, Bobby - Charlton did not Playboy's fatal attraction, but it is step by step on the soccer field toward the end of brilliance. Survived from the Munich tragedy, he was with the Champions League and World Cup winner comfort of those who are unable to fulfill their dreams teammates.

Olive Tree's 92 golden generation, only two have been selected the best team in the history of Manchester United, one is mentioned above - Gary Neville and the other is the Prince of Wales Ryan Giggs. 1999 Arsenal FA Cup goal on the break of a ball is to stay in Manchester United Giggs most glorious annals of the record, when was young and left-wing Pegasus Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, ripped shirt after scoring the way Mile, I believe many people remember this scene.

Forwards: Eric Cantona Dennis - LO

Cantona, 92 years of move to Manchester United 97 years, retired, took only five years, the French is complete dominance in the coming individual is said no one has dared to use Manchester United dressing room Eric Cantona's hanging hook, because that location is one of the privileges of the king. Cantona's achievements are: is the first time in 26 years after Manchester United won another league title hero, one of six seasons, led five times champion Manchester United.

Dennis - workers who will be Manchester United goal with a drop of blood into the second division league play, but the Red Devils fans will never hate him, see him as Manchester United made the honor: 63-year FA Cup, 65 and 67 years League champion, 64 was elected the best player in Europe. He is Manchester United's Ruud van Nistelrooy before the first killer of the war in Europe, this record-keeping more than 20 years.
Finger faint smoke2010-02-05 02:34:43 +0000 #3
Ruud van Nistelrooy Cantona

C Luo / Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Keane

斯塔姆加里Kanchelskis Ferdinand Neville

Schmeichel / Edwin van der Sar
Chicago Boys2010-02-05 02:30:56 +0000 #4
Manchester United has a long history, only 11 people selected is very difficult election, and even Sir Alex Ferguson is not a good choice呀.

Goalkeepers - Peter Schmeichel ()

Edwin van der Sar Defenders - Gary, Jaap Stam, Rio, Bruce

midfield - Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs (C)

striker Luo - there were too many, but the Manchester United fans will always be first choice for George Best. Cantona.

In addition Edwards, Charlton players such as the crash is absolutely capable of becoming the best player in different times is difficult to mix together.
daiselina2010-02-05 02:52:43 +0000 #5
(4-4-2) Schmeichel / - Gary Neville, Dennis - Irvine,比尔福克斯, Duncan. Edwards / George Best, Bobby - Charlton, Ryan Giggs, Keane / Denis Law, Eric Cantona

Goalkeepers: Peter Schmeichel

Ferguson said, a season for Manchester United Peter Schmeichel will be able to contribute 12 points, 90 years Manchester United the most insurance defense

Defenders: Gary - inside Vail

honorary Canadian body, Manchester United's iron man, an indispensable defense fighters

Dennis - Erwin

all-around defender, Manchester United, one of the founders

90 brilliant effect比尔福克斯
Manchester United, one of the longest players , Fox, as the three survivors of the crash, one of his loyalty and selfless devotion in exchange for a deserved reward. He reached for the Manchester United team to participate in 52 consecutive games three major European Cup record.

Duncan. Edwards

is considered the best Manchester United player in history. 21-year-old Edwards, left this world continue to occupy the place, he affect the world football rankings 100 celebrities ranked 59

Midfielders: Best

The Beatles fifth person, a superb football skills, a synonym for genius

Bo ratio - Charlton

English football its first star, Manchester United, one of history's greatest players, is a symbol of Manchester United. Survived from the Munich tragedy, he was with the Champions League and World Cup winner comfort of those who are unable to fulfill their dreams teammates.

Ryan Giggs

92 golden generation, a brilliant host who deserved the gold side of Manchester United wing


midfield strongest hub, Manchester United midfielder amplifier into the most appropriate generalist

striker: Cantona

arrogant character , the King's prerogative, in the Manchester United has a unique position

Denis Law

Manchester United's history, one of the most prominent scorer, a very prominent personality, he has the reputation of Manchester United number one



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