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Why should there be Football League League Cup

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top five leagues, only England, League Cup. English League Cup, the standard to be addressed English Football League Cup is called, is that all 92 clubs in England regardless of level of competition between. The Cup was established by the Football League in 1962, is designed to help all clubs outside the league, with a knockout basis of race, to challenge the English Football Association charge of the FA Cup, because at that time in the FA Cup the status of the hearts of the fans is much higher than the league.

Founded in 1886 originally in charge of the England Football League for all 92 professional clubs at all levels of league, but the 1992 League of 20 teams set up a parallel rebel Super League, it's only a club 72. Since the level of charge of the club not the highest, and his words carry naturally large as before, but want to make a few Premiership clubs to participate in pre-Carling Cup, natural to look at someone else's face.

League Cup already among the Premiership's position (92 years ago was League One) and the FA Cup after the Manchester United and Arsenal top the Premier League club, the League Cup is only tempered substitutes race. Of course, for those clubs who ignore the League Cup was also quite upset, because they addition to participating in League, FA Cup, League Cup, they also participate in the lucrative European Champions League or UEFA Cup, and if you go a good way to kill , such as the Liverpool team to win three titles, like a race season 9 months to reach nearly 70 games the past two games a week, while the players are not iron the.

League Cup Football League there is the decline of their own reasons, in order to attract sponsors, the League Cup Football League sell the name to sell to, first became a milk mug, and later became the Coca-Cola Cup, a few years ago sold the beer business Therefore, the League Cup in recent years the name became Waddington (beer) glass. First arrived in the UK, you will not understand this cup, cup name change is more so that this 40-year-old tradition of race fans lost in the appeal.
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care at all levels of teams ah



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