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Why is Manchester United's brand value would be higher than the NBA team?

thank you for Soccer2010-02-05 07:01:03 +0000 #1
First of all, we should note that this is not a provocative title, I just wonder (do not believe that friends can look at forbes GOOGLE Baidu or published the brand value of the world's sports club list, and for many years been a Manchester United first, NFL ranks after. NBA can not enter the top ten), the U.S. economy is so advanced, why do NBA teams not as good as the value of the Premiership's situation occur?
Dragon Age2010-02-05 07:14:22 +0000 #2
because, first of the Premiership is the world's most successful league operations, one of five major European football leagues Furthermore, the influence is stronger than the NBA's World Cup --- Think grand, have not heard what the basketball world championships will be the concern of so many people bar ... ...

Soccer is the world's highest audience of the campaign

Basketball or NBA promotion can be considered to succeed in this, but at least now not possible to exceed the European football
kingrn2010-02-05 07:27:18 +0000 #3
Brand brand, you have to look at this What is the brand.

Manchester United Football Club.

Football is what,

the world's largest sports!
Chaotic evil dragon2010-02-05 07:17:58 +0000 #4
In the United States, in fact, not many people look at basketball, at least there is no rugby popular, look at the number of basketball is relatively small. Besides the United States and Europe than to do? Different types of sports, are also different degrees of concern.
Lady Guardian Messenger2010-02-05 08:22:01 +0000 #5
NBA is very popular in Europe, Mody? I think NBA's most popular places apart from the United States is China ..
mstyle11052010-02-05 08:51:45 +0000 #6
Manchester United are the first second of the clubs ah

It seems that you are like the NBA, bar, while basketball is also good-looking

Manchester United is the world's club
clc31232010-02-05 07:37:10 +0000 #7
NBA brand in China may be the operation is too successful NBA ---

in your heart may be sacred, but in the world soccer is the first movement has the greatest influence.

Another brand value and profitability of two different things.
I love you in that ah 12010-02-05 07:58:28 +0000 #8
is a high-ah
3 _ well _2010-02-05 08:51:48 +0000 #9
Americans are indeed able to develop the economy. And then the big brands in football, but also the Premiership in this league, already considerable money, combined with American business sense, money has no /
dzm6666132010-02-05 09:30:05 +0000 #10
U.S. NBA is the third largest sport in their country (the first American football, the second baseball), the rate of its local audience is not very high, but in China, promotion of better. Football is the world's largest movement, his most widely Shouzhong Mian, and the Manchester United brand relatively long, along with their club publicity properly, when the hot-well-known high啦.
FamousDunBwin2010-02-05 12:13:17 +0000 #11
football as the world's first movement, influence larger than the NBA, but football is more costly than the basketball court, a club from the starter to the replacement of about 25 people there, as well as what the reserve youth team, as well as their own Stadium ah a fee of the hundreds of million euros. And Manchester United as the world famous club, has a long history, very good operating condition, the basic means to earn money to buy Manchester United, so it's brand value is high normal.



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