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Why only Premiership team was able to attract deep-pocketed boss?

Thank you for Soccer2010-02-05 07:02:00 +0000 #1

dyypfl2010-02-05 07:07:41 +0000 #2
that is,,

first of all England fans is the world's most crazy fans, they love football just as much as any one of countries, this point Louzhu should be aware of,,

most important thing is the history of English football has a far-reaching,,, those clubs have a far-reaching history,

Louzhu you look at this comparison .com/question/99383978.html? si = 1 & wtp = wk,,, even the NBA than the Premiership, however,,,, you say ,,,,
yylee19882010-02-05 07:24:39 +0000 #3
Premier League is more open. . . . . .
Ha House Porter2010-02-05 07:52:45 +0000 #4
In fact, the reason is not the television fee, these bosses apart from Abu and Abu Dhabi consortium, other people first and foremost goal is to make money, other leagues like the Premiership is not such a high television costs.

English Premier League relegation teams can be assigned to each of 60 million pounds.
Zhuge Xiaoxiao2010-02-05 07:13:54 +0000 #5
The first is the influence of the problem League, Europe, United Kingdom, West Germany, France and five Italian League West, meaning the influence of a relatively large part of Britain. The Champions League you can see the number of teams out of the Premiership La Liga and Serie A are the four. But it also has three major league gap of which the strength of Serie A worst. Serie A is too small despite the World Cup glory, unfortunately greatly influenced by the call gate has brought to its knees, you noticed that in recent years, the Champions League Serie A club record is generally not okay.

4 strong Premiership Champions League in recent years can basically accounted for 2 to 3 seats, the forces of strong Premiership evident. Originally La Liga and the Premiership in attracting investment is also able to rival, but unfortunately were the Spanish league giants Barcelona 2 Real Madrid too cattle X, the key people, or membership-based club, not bad money management you are not ostentatious, you are not acquired. You buy the other Primera Liga clubs, all day long has been a Zheliang depressed, who do not love.

There is a league open question. Which league has a big boss, Moratti Serie A, La Liga Florentino Chairman, Abu Premiership, Football League The key is acceptance of foreign capital. I remember that the Premiership is the league the most liberal foreign investment controls, restrictions on foreign aid is relatively minimal, and do not look a work permit, La Liga, and Serie A for every season, there can be only two non-EU places.

Right, and language issues is also very important that people, after all, English is an international language.
Daren 1732010-02-05 08:51:30 +0000 #6
language run through the league are few limits broadcasting the high cost of fewer restrictions on foreign aid.

Game more year round, league cup more than a wealthy team to attend at least five kinds of match: League, League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, Super Cup.

Fans on the high, almost in Southeast Asia were concerned about the Premiership, the Premiership and therefore to change the kick-off time, are scheduled for prime-time kick-off in Southeast Asia.

The other league, then, almost at the earliest time of 12:00 kick-off in Southeast Asia.

So league is sound, levels are up, and ratings are also high, of course, will attract a lot of bosses to invest in ah
NBA Barcelona2010-02-05 08:52:11 +0000 #7
Premier League is more open



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