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Why Spain's poor World Cup results

Detective Lycra2010-02-05 10:01:16 +0000 #1
Why is the high level of the Spanish league, but the results have been very poor World Cup in Spain
liuyjcs2010-02-05 10:03:19 +0000 #2
League level and the national team level, after all, not the same as some of the last century 90's Serie A's most Strong did not snatching the World Cup when Italy; the Premiership is now so strong, even in 2008 England failed to participate in the European Cup.

There is no champion Spain temperament, not Brazil, Germany, the kind of self-confidence. However, the last European Cup champions should have changed this, the present champion bullfighter already have heart, is also not far away from the Hercules Cup Bar
weiyin03272010-02-05 10:51:01 +0000 #3
heart sky high, ordered more than paper thin ---
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-02-05 10:48:56 +0000 #4
Spain is known as the king of the reputation of qualifiers, a total of 12 times to participate in the World Cup, in which the best results for the first four. Because of the war, internal friction, referees and other reasons, matador Corps repeatedly set back the World Cup.

August 28, 1920 the newly established Spanish national team defeated Denmark 1-0 in Antwerp in order to complete their first time on the world stage performances. In that Olympics, the Spanish all the way through the trials and eventually harvested a silver medal. Although the national team set up soon, but the Spaniard will soon show their football talent. In the early 20th century world of football, England football team as their country's status to dominate the world. But the arrogance of the British soon tasted the matador powerful. In 1929 in Madrid, Spain to 4-3 victory over England, they also became the first non-British team beat England. But unfortunately, Spain did not participate in the first session of the World Cup in 1930. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 1929, together with Uruguay, from Europe to the need for long-distance travel, so Spain's refusal to the invitation of the World Cup.

4 years after Spain last appeared in the Italian World Cup in England. Azzurri Italian team that finally won the World Cup champions, but to give them the greatest trouble is not the final production in the Czech Republic, but Spain. 1 / 4 final, Spain and Italy had considered quitting. Reguero in Spain's opening goal in this game Unfortunately, the end of Italy in the first half before tying the final two 1-1. In the ensuing re-race of Italy 1-0 victory over Spain, has removed the biggest obstacle to victory on the road. The best team at this World Cup selection, the Spanish monopoly 3 seats, forward Reguero, avant-garde Lawrence, defender quincoces have entered the best 11.

In 1936, the Spanish military officer Franco staged an armed rebellion. The same year, October 1, the rebels set up the government in Burgos, Spain's civil war began. War-torn country's peace and, of course, the destruction of a football. As the civil war and World War II, until 1950, after a lapse of 14 years after Spain's return to the World Cup. The system is different from the World Cup for 50 years now, first for group stage of the competition, teams of each group to conduct the first single round-robin competition. Spain and England, Chile and the United States assigned to a group. Matador Corps ultimately successful promotion. In the final four teams compete, the Spanish were defeated by Brazil and Sweden at the foot, only to draw against Uruguay to achieve a sub. World Cup No. 4, which is Spain's competition in the world to achieve the best result.

1954 World Cup, Spain, died in a ridiculous ruling. At this World Cup qualifier in Turkey and Spain compete for one spot, the two sides to win a tournament after the increase is still break even, and March 17, 1954 in Rome, a Ming Jiaolu iggi - Frank - Root Ma - 14-year-old Italian boy hands-on drawing of lots to decide the fate of the two and eventually Turkey promotion finals, Spain has the tragic out. In 1958 World Cup qualifier, Spain, Scotland and Switzerland in the group, the result was due to strength of the weakest home draw with Switzerland, which will eventually be one-point out of Scotland. 1962 World Cup, Spain and Brazil, Czech and Slovakia, and Mexico in the group, the results of group stage was eliminated.

In the 1964 European Cup, the Spanish popular star - played for Inter Milan Suarez led the Matador Army eventually won. Portability European Cup-wai, Spain participated in the 1966 World Cup in England. The results of eye-popping, the Spanish group stage have failed to qualify. They just beat the Swiss, has lost to West Germany and Argentina.

With the legendary coach Villalon have left the coach position, Spain has experienced a long period of downturn and confusion. Two 1970,1974 World Cup, Spain have been eliminated in the qualifiers on. At least at that time, Spain is difficult to mind the title of king of qualifying.

From the Spanish in the World Cup is over the last 12 years, matador Corps finally appeared in the world stage. In the qualifier, Spain and the former Yugoslavia and Romania, sub-together. Spain has won four games in which three games, with head held high the World Cup promotion. However, in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Austria and Sweden crashed out of the competition, the final, once again stop the group stage. However, in 1976, Spain had the right to host the 1982 World Cup, when everyone thought worthy of a dip.

In 1982 in Madrid, the audience did not see the World Cup final venue for their own team. The World Cup, Spain, in the first stage of the group identity of the second lucky pass. The next group is very unfavorable to them, they assigned to West Germany and England together. West Germany With Littbarski and Fisher's goal, to beat Spain 2-1. Although in the subsequent 0-0 draw with England, Spain game, but because each team only the first to enter the four strong, so both Spain and England were eliminated. In this session, the first time that 24 teams participated in the World Cup in Spain, so the end of the journey.

1986, part of Maradona's World Cup. But in this World Cup, the Spanish left a lot of regrets. The group stage, Spain and has Socrates and other stars of the Brazilian team in the same group. Ultimately, however, in his capacity as they enter the second group 16. In the 1 / 8 finals, Spain, with the score 5-1 swept Denmark, the matador seemed unstoppable, in which one person alone Butragueno into 4 balls. 1 / 4 final, Spain to face a European team. The 120-minute match, Spain, Belgium and the European Red Devils 1-1 and had to enter the penalty shootout. The results of Spain in order to lose the penalty shootout 4-5, unfortunately out. Four years later, Spain and Belgium in the World Cup again in the same group. With Michelle's goal, the Spanish defeated the Red Devils in Europe, but also in order to win this group. But his bad luck, Spain, ran into the heyday of Yugoslavia, which will eventually come to grief out 1-2.

Time to 1994, in order to take care of some of the World Cup games viewers in Europe are held at noon in the hot. This is used to nightlife in Spain, is a test. However, Matador is still a high level of play. But the frustration is that in the road into four strong, they ran into Roberto Baggio. Baggio's goal once again blocked in Spain outside of the four strong.

When the World Cup back to Europe, Spain has a new look - Raul. Golden boy Raul was inexperienced, but he failed to tender the enemy's heavy artillery in Nigeria for the African Eagle, Spain, group stage have failed to qualify. South Korea and Japan four years after the World Cup, Spain have nothing to say, in the 1 / 4 finals were South Korea eliminated. Morientes winning golden goal and South Korea, Kim Tae-young's own goal is held invalid, the fate of Spain again tease.

After decades of ups and downs, the Spanish finally starting to form a powerful team. 2006 World Cup in Germany, bullfighter was optimistic fans, this team has been the strongest in the history of great expectations. But when the young matador faced the sophistication of Gallic cock, the result seems to have doomed. Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane beat Casillas, beating Spain, and all can only wait another 4 years.
reclining lone window on2010-02-05 10:43:37 +0000 #5
does not mean that a high level league team level will be high, but also does not mean that the national team record would be good, can only be Note League Board League is well run, while the other hand, the League reflected a high level of appeal league great need for star appeal, such as Messi, c Romania, Kaka like this, this may instead affect the development of local players, the national team level also restricted. We combine the World Series in recent years, particularly in the last two World Cup and European Cup, may feel that Spain's strength has improved, but look lineup you will find that in fact a powerful lineup led Barcelona Spain's powerful, it should be thanks to Barca's youth academy system, up from the youth team coach Guardiola like to come out with their own youth team players, such employment is precisely with the entropy that can save such a powerful. The time before 2006, the Primera Liga club inside the local strength of each faction a few players that we can remember, I am afraid I remember the overwhelming majority of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Zidane, like the bar, it is very major constraint in the growth of the local players, it is very similar to the late eighties to the nineties called the "Little World Cup" of the Serie. Therefore, if the strength of the national team directly assigned the task of upgrading league, league there will be sacrifices, but the best trade-off between the two look to find a compromise point. Of course, bad record does not exclude psychological factors, lack of competition experience, temperament and the winner also need to cultivate. Hope that next year, Spain's friendly behavior.



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