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Football fans to click on an article by Yan Qiang

th01032010-02-05 11:01:39 +0000 #1
Arsenal lost to Barcelona in 2006, after Yan Qiang in his capacity as an Arsenal fan in the "Football Weekly" has written an article has revealed the fans voices but now can not find online, and which heroes can help find the ah -
digistars2010-02-05 11:13:39 +0000 #2
Background: The 2006 UEFA Champions League Final, Arsenal lost to Barcelona 1:2.

In such a historic night came, I always feel that they should be the capacity of a little foresight, but I have no inspiration, so I need to find some inspirational catalyst.

2 days before the game, I began various attempts. For example, I have been hanging from the car side Arsenal team pennant, I changed the side of pennants hung to see what inspiration I can give. For example, the wall opposite my desk Chinese Arsenal Bergkamp's portrait hanging net, I am staring at this portrait of a full three minutes wrestling with what seems that no one can get inspiration. For example, last year I have been watching the FA Cup Arsenal top hat wearing, and now I find it a Fanxiangdaogui out.

I still remember that the market Middlesbrough League Cup final night, I dreamed that Boro and the decisive penalty opponent, opened his eyes found that race has not yet begun, so watched a charm-free slaughter.

I wish to confirm because I never like to laramie, so I had the foresight to failure. I would like to concentrate on to find the answer to Arsenal.

There is necessary? Of course. I have to find the answers before the game because the start of the race at that moment, I am sure will become a soul tour in vitro soulless bodies, and in the complete loss of thinking ability, I am afraid that the power of even the cries were not there. I had the opportunity to go to Paris to see the final, but I could give up the fight, because I still can not forget Arsenal two years ago in Beijing, a Chinese network can receive the signal ESPN broken bars, and the brother Wei Cai a look at Arsenal, Chelsea, Champions League 4 one-finals of the feelings from that day started I knew his heart problems.

When you can not normal breathing, when you get close to the body trembling convulsions, when you do not find a professional soccer writers to meet the kind of self-righteous, you will suddenly feel sad, sad to feel you from the soccer match to the taste of death.

Football is really higher than those of life and death do?

So I have to find a hint, a little threatened.

Race day morning, the clinical work, I arm around quickly filled year-old daughter, asked her: "Tell Dad, What's the score?" She definitely better than I know, because she has not been Fanchen secular ignorance. Her daughter again and she thought I was studying Tang poetry, or read English, smiling: "Daddy go to work, and my father BYE-BYE!"

This day I have been sleepwalking.

None of unspeakable anxiety, like an invisible hand, scratch me from the inside out of the internal organs. I think snooker play for a while, but time is close to 10 pm, my colleagues seem to have Xinyousuozhu, each busy with their respective, I went to harass anyone inappropriate.

Under the Paris scene, Mike Allen sent me a text message, 3 to 1, Barca win. This is his prediction score. The South African old chap is a "Football Weekly" the general manager, also was once a professional player, for his judgments, I can only think this is a Barca fan provocation. 2 to 1, Arsenal win. I gave him back to text messages, this time for the 22:20.

Bored but burning with impatience, I played two minutes against the wall upside down, cross-eye look at the portrait of Bergkamp. He was wearing the armband, which buddies children playing in the Arsenal a decade, it served as captain twice. Today, he was able to to it? There is only one that could allow Bergkamp to Arsenal Champions League debut as the networks of China farewell performances of his career, and that is Arsenal came from behind. Wenger has no confidence in him, no longer trust the most imaginative of the Dutch. Well, today behind Henry, who will play the role? Cesc Fabregas, Freddie Ljungberg or Pires? I hope Pires, even though it is an old people no longer trust Wenger, but Pires and Henry have enjoyed an extraordinary agreement. No, Do not talk to me to mention that silly penalty game, it was only played out between the two geniuses can be played as opponents in the race, this is for the artists.

Clock is zoned to 11, I finally found an escape: "The 24-hour Fifth Season." This is just killing time, so you have cerebral palsy the best junk food. An intelligent friend said she saw in the second quarter found too many flaws, I have not read the previous four seasons, but this time I Zhiqiu addicted to, there is no mind to look for flaws.

I am numb almost three hours, and then again repeat the near-collapse of the heart of the disaster, and then looked at Henry's walk from the Champions League trophy in front. So close, but he would never look at Arsenal, China Network Taishou to touch. Maybe touch about this trophy would lose the magic, then the near distance, so far the gap. Is to keep Henry, or to retain the Champions League, if you want to make a choice? I would choose the Champions League, as the old saying: Players come and go, but the club will always stay there.

Looking back on that day, perhaps the harbinger of a daughter to me to say goodbye, but his daughter every day when I go to work I say goodbye, What is the relationship between this and Arsenal?

When a TMD fans really sad. (End)
NBA Barcelona2010-02-05 11:39:57 +0000 #3
Yan Qiang an Arsenal fan
Find separated Cup2010-02-05 11:20:24 +0000 #4
a long time ago, when the same question in a magazine an article called How to dawdle in the Premiership article



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