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Adidas clover series on the market, consumer groups, and evaluation?

wxhct19882010-02-05 13:02:11 +0000 #1
Would like to introduce this series of sales market, facing the crowd, and evaluation, is the evaluation, (do not know how to translate) are prepared to do ppt class with, who can help out?
forgotten bottle2010-02-05 13:04:22 +0000 #2
market is a little bit of expansion, and shop more and more casual is a classic Adidas brand, more fashionable, slightly higher prices, the major consumer groups is definitely the pursuit of fashion have a certain purchasing power of young people. If, in my opinion, I very much like the brand, the one is more stylish, and I do not think is very unassuming, generous style is relatively simple, but it is sometimes the price is not acceptable - than similar brand expensive clothes for at least 100 bar, discount a good few, but on the whole I think it is good
Race Course Mino Nobufusa2010-02-05 13:07:14 +0000 #3
Adidas currently owns three series: sports performance series, sports series and sports the traditional style series. Classic Series Original part of the traditional series of campaign, using clover logo.

Clover from Adidas in 1972 became a symbol, when all Adidas products to use this flag. Clover shape of three-dimensional three-dimensional plane as the Earth started much like a map of the world, she symbolizes the three stripes extend to the world. However, from 1996, clover logo is specifically used in the classic series of Original products. Adidas Classics Series is to choose the best products in history as the blueprint for the conduct of their fabrics and styles slightly modified after the re-released. Whole series of more fashion-oriented products, including footwear, apparel and bags and other accessories.

Perhaps it is because each section of the classic series has a unique story, in people seems to always be such a classic series that has meaning, always filled with fresh vitality and fashionable atmosphere. The autumn of 2002, Adidas Classic Series for the first time in China, limited edition. From the shoes, clothing to accessories, the design of each section is fine, so that the trend of people who love the chase.

2001, the first Adidas Classic Series Original store opened in Berlin, Germany. Later the same year, the second store in Tokyo, Japan available. Not long ago, third branch in the United States opened in New York's Soho district. By the end of September this year, Adidas Classic Series store branches in China in Shanghai.



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