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Fifa ol2 how my team in the row of A?

sz239920702010-02-05 15:02:09 +0000 #1
I put out my lineup that we can not allow contempt for me Ah! I use Milan! The starting lineup is Kaka, M. Petrov, Huoluosike, Di Nata Lai, Aquilani, Ozil, Capdevila, Gennaro Gattuso,加斯塔德罗, Wei Teya, Buffon! although several former players, but I can increase their capacity to respond to points added high, especially Kaka, speed, speed up the full, the ball running up and no one can catch up, often single-pole, super cool! there is David Trezeguet, Matuzalem, Paulo Ferreira, a few players card did not use, I think they are a bit low capacity!

I any set formation ah?
cnshinhwa2010-02-05 15:05:27 +0000 #2
442, and 3 of the formation guard not to vote for.

442 up assists on both sides of back easy to not return three back two wings in space could easily be endo.

Attack with 433, defensive back formation with five guards.

You have so many good strikers with 433 on it:

Di Natale Huoluosike (there are speed heavy-duty center put the middle) M. Pedro Rove

Ozil (more suitable for winger Jose Antonio Reyes) card Card Gattuso (preferably for an attack on tissue-type avant-garde, such as Trochowski)

Kapudewei la canela Zambrotta Wei Teya

Gianluigi Buffon



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