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Primary School football team's training methods

05,643,270,0322010-02-05 17:02:00 +0000 #1
My 11 years of age, on the sixth grade, is there any way to make my game better? And I am a captain, but also to teach players, please come to help me find a way ah! A very pressing! I will give a lot of points!
00totti002010-02-05 17:12:21 +0000 #2
Communication with a shot to stop the eternal theme of the great players are great, but because they have extraordinary football IQ

11-year-old is not a small bar

way of refueling see more video look at the way the club abroad

This is my humble opinion
I Love Yu Xiang2010-02-05 17:32:57 +0000 #3
you are a class team? If so, you should be a seven-a-. I'll teach you. Arrangements 2 Defender -1 midfield -3 striker. Institute of kick ball, get the ball on the pass, there is the people not to follow the ball. Ok so that
IMCァloaded蒓2010-02-05 17:47:20 +0000 #4
1: primary school football practice can not have physical strength training, physical training should be coordinated with sensitivity as the main content

2: the basics of the practice to the percentage of the total training program for more than

70 3: The practice does not benefit against the big venues

4: all the training 99 percent of the light of the ball (including physical training)

5: Training the central idea should be to improve the child's interest and pleasure the main tune, to cultivate children's sense of competition and full provides the children with soccer talent space.
ll rain happy2010-02-05 17:54:51 +0000 #5
As a former professional players to the point I suggest you

1: primary school football practice can not have physical strength training, physical training should be coordinated with sensitivity as the main content

2: Practice the basics to account for the entire training program The percentage of more than 70

3: Confrontation practice does not benefit large venues

4: all the training 99 percent of the light of the ball (including physical training)

5: Training the central idea should be to improve the child's interest and pleasure-based stress to cultivate children's sense of competition and adequate provision of space for kids soccer talent.

EDITORIAL: I am an ordinary football team provides training programs! Of course, not fully used in primary schools. But you can learn from some parts of them, after all, the main task is to learn from primary school pupils. Because you are not sports specially recruited schools (I guess, because the physical schools can not find a special move without a job experience, who would become the coach). Personally think that some of the following skills, you can see some books, skills are essential. And then to allow more children to participate in the competition, usually multi-kick play. You go to teach them some rules. These are good enough for things! The school football team do, in fact, is also quite essential. Some things about daily life, you are unable to manage the. But the rest, such as eating, you can often instilled in them, after all these things even for the ordinary person's health would also be useful. Lastly, I hope you can successfully serve!

In the morning and noon time is very short, I propose to conduct training in the ball of the ball. Of course, the morning running up and running is a good choice. (Including: Dianqiu, RBI and conditions can also practice Rao shot dribble) make preparations before each practice to fully relax the body, help to improve the body's flexibility. Try not to be violent, or less confrontational soccer practice (mainly referring to another school during the competitions).

The weekend is the systematic training of a good time, and time enough, so we must grasp. Is best Xianpao the morning run, so that the stiffness of the limbs during sleep get enough oxygen (aerobic training). Then thrown the ball of exercises. Can play the afternoon practice, or on the nature of the forces.

I do not know your specific situation, simply be a table, you can refer to

6:25-7:00 Dianqiu running practice Monday 6:00-6:20 Tuesday 6:00-6:20 running

6:25 -7:00 RBI practice (ie, quasi-kicking)

Dianqiu 6:30-7:00 Wednesday 6:00-6:30 Thursday 6:00-6:20 Dianqiu RBI practice

6:25-7:00 Rao rod ball exercise ball varied pace

Friday 6:00-6:20 practice 6:25-7:00 Dianqiu

weekend can be arranged according to their specific circumstances force, physical training (preferably in the afternoon)

ball and technical best practice in the morning

strength training exercises to increase upper body strength can be used dumbbells, sit-ups to increase lumbar abdominal strength, a strong weight-bearing varied pace with the increase in lower extremity strength

strength training: positive move, lateral move, holding dumbbells (each next day, at least 20 samples), boxing, under the pressure of 20

mainly for upper body muscles, lower body involved in physical exercise

fitness training: half-fold anti-run (daily for at least three groups, there is no space available at home or elsewhere, contact length should be increased appropriately, not to practice long-distance running, because the court is always done off anti-run, it would be more useful for the practice)

Ball Sense Training: First of all Britain small ball (best ball No. 3, the small ball can jolt 10 Next, it is already in the middle and upper levels of amateur players, and if wants to increase it, you can put two pairs of socks tied together with Britain, if it can be, you are very expert, and many poor children in Brazil is one such case when no ball practice, the effect you see, and I at once Britain four times, even if you can point a), after practicing 20 meters fixed at 20 meters away where to find a target to ensure that 60% of the hit rate on it.

Recipe: You can not drink carbonated drinks and wine (for physical reserve, very unfavorable), eat less pasta dinner (rice starch content too high), do not eat high-fat and high calorie stuff, convenient to stay in shape (in Romania as a fertilizer counter-examples)

as long as the Lianshu 2:

(1) will play small ball: both feet to dribble the ball to do a continuous movement of natural, small balls Dianqiu, step on the ball in disguise and so on resumption of the ball Dianqiu continuous action (think of his bar tricks , skilled their own style of play and play their game).

(2) linear buildup (anaerobic running) + bend steady running (aerobic running) a few laps as possible, increase their own volume control bar (school's athletic field is always circular, and can be combined training, helpful) .

Stopping the ball better than sex with the passing and shooting which is the most basic football

This requires long-term training, and by playing every day will naturally raise the bar

then is the strength and leg muscles have to be

This could be you Running exercise physical

leg muscles is faster in every instance where a concrete wall will become energetically kicked

This is absolutely a strong

because I was such a train coming from the middle of the

and then exercise is necessary to play almost

This is the most critical, here that a few people playing the games are not played is a 22 kick

This is the level of play you have a qualitative improvement

football training schemes - basic technology training methods

Lesson 1:

with the right foot of the toes would be cut the ball back, and then the left foot to push off to move the ball outside the instep; then the inside of the instep with the left foot cut the ball back, and repeatedly practicing.

Lesson 2:

appropriated for the ball with his right foot under his body, and then used his left foot to push the ball inside instep kick. Repeated.

Lesson 3:

the ball is rolling to his left, with his right foot outside the instep of the ball stopped. (At this point, support leg position from the very back of the ball) and the right of the spike outside the instep at the same time, the body has to move the ball to move over. And then launched the ball inside the right foot in the instep, and then claw back the ball outside the right foot instep. Repetition.

Lesson 4:

to make the ball and the body snake-like movement exercises, practice the basic movement is a way.

Lesson 5:

right foot toe appropriated for the inside of the ball under the body, and then launched the ball outside the right foot to the outer toe; the right foot then kick the ball outside the instep buckle, the body moving along the side of the ball movement, with the right foot enough to push the ball inside and then kicked out. Lesson 6


with the right foot placed on the outside of the ball is rolling in front of the ball stopped (in this case support the foot in the back of the ball). Axis with the right foot turn 180 degrees, and then right foot forward dorsal lateral release.

Lesson 7:

with the right foot inside the right side is placed in front of the ball rolling, the ball stopped. Then release the ball inside the right foot back, you can change the way forward.

Lesson 8:

to and from running for. This group practice is a basic practice. Lesson 9


with the left foot toe the ball to the side of his body pulled back, and then launched the ball to the outside of his right foot back, then pull the ball with the right toe the direction of the body to continue to practice the above-mentioned repeatedly.

Lesson 10:

with the right foot's toes withhold the ball to his left foot turn 90 degrees the body axis, and then back inside of his left foot kick to push the ball forward.

Soccer training methods - youth football training methods and the significance of

head the ball is: when the collective with the transmission of air to accurately shoot the ball or to put an end to an attack. Head the ball on the defense often plays a vital role. Breaking tight defensive tactics are constantly evolving and one of its important tactic is a powerful flank attack.

In order to skillfully control header, in practice, when the analysis was the local environment, including the ability to correctly estimate the strength of the air condition and strength, in order to take appropriate action. Moreover, you should as soon as possible to overcome many athletes head the ball of cowardice.

As the head the ball has important tactical significance, therefore, whether a child or a stage of enlightenment that has been established for each of the high-level athletes during training can not do without. Must be one on one battle, not only in the ground, but the air is also important, and often play a decisive role.

The development of the power of football players must be in the development of body strength, based on the focus on the development speed of the legs and waist and abdomen strength. Practice, you can use free-hand a variety of running, jumping, push-ups, sit-ups ... ... and so on; use of equipment, such as kicking and throwing medicine ball, lifting Asian bells and barbells ... ... and so on; and the vigorous riding shot to play, top balls ... ... and so on exercises with the ball.

(A) Exercise Example

a development of the neck and upper body strength exercises

(1), two hand on the head and neck rotation to give immunity.

(2) the first handstand.

(3) about two legs separated from the face of standing, his hands tight Rotary each other's shoulders, the amount of the two men in the clip a ball with each other to withstand force.

(4) push-ups and chin-up, dip, and push-lateral jumping movement.

(5), solid hands and pass throw the ball, football or medicine ball throw.

(6) "Man Push Cart."

(7) dumbbell and barbell exercises.

2 development Fubei strength exercises

(1), sit-ups, sit-leg raise, sit-fast pike.

(2) side to do physical flexor, prone to do after the body of Qu.

(3) supine, feet clip solid ball off the ground 15 to 20 cm, in order to waist draw a circle for the center of the circle.

(4) shoulder flexion and body to do physical barbell snatch armed bell switch.

(5) jump air force head the ball swivel and the abdomen.

(6) feet clip solid ball straight up jump a few times, jump ball across the companion training and preparation.

(7) feet clip the ball in-situ vertical jump 2 or 3 times, and then thrown to the front as soon skips squat pluggin people, catching the ball shot.

(8) feet clip the ball in-situ vertical jump 2 or 3 times, and then forward (or rear) the top of the thrown catching up shot.


the development of lower extremity strength training (1) a variety of jumping exercises.

① standing long jump, multi-level jumping, leapfrog, jumping stairs.

② shoulder grip barbell or dumbbells straight upward jump.

③ leg or legs of the high jump take-off exercises.

④ straight forward and legs jump.

⑤ They hold each other a leg, standing up straight while jumping. Then switch legs to.

⑥ legs, feet close together and then move around after the jump ball.

⑦ clip solid ball feet, hands akimbo, in-situ jump three times, jump in the air, turned 90 °.

⑧ two hands and solid ball-situ jump three times, jump over the crouched person.

⑨ two squatting posture head the ball straight to the side of the beating.

(3) A person is supine leg raise and the other Rotary feet, supine flexion and extension exercises were done.

(4) in various parts of the lighter solid ball kicking practice.

(5) long-range passing and shooting exercises.

4 the development of full-body strength exercises

① light barbell quick jerk.

② tug of war exercises.

③ The two pairs of two pairs and side stand, in-situ light after the jump several times, at the same time, jump in the air with the chest and shoulder collided with each other.

④ sitting and prone position of the dumbbell exercises.

⑤ The two are not lying on the ground of the contest.

⑥ two to snatch the ball.

⑦ jump top of each other forcefully thrown ball.


B gatekeepers head shot the ball. A golf and head the ball from the throw shooting. 10 and post-B exchange. Score more goals than anyone else? Action points: head the ball with his forehead. Chin tend to the chest, neck to exert oneself. Your eyes opened. The whole body to be stretched into a bow.

Description: The head the ball is divided into upper body rotating head the ball and direct Ying, head the ball two kinds. The former is more powerful. Top leaps when you pass the ball shot mostly upper body rotation.

Practice head the ball when shooting still pondering how to feint to confuse the goalkeeper, and the importance of basic skills, learn from others strengths, and create a unique style.


the process of the positive air ball shot Ibid. B goalkeeper to throw lob. A head the ball shot.

More difficult to Action: A running shot in the head the ball.


They shot the ball pass the gatekeepers, the two attacks. The attacking side who threw a pass or kick the ball, the other top pass the ball shot. After the two exchanged 10 times.

Another 10 times after the offensive and defensive sides exchange. Which team score more goals than that.

More difficult to Action: throwing, or kicking the ball the more violent mass; shot by Ben Ying-Chuan in the top shoot the ball.

8 teamwork - biography - header shot

D gatekeepers. C. Defensive B. A drop to the B after the running in place. B to A with the first pass. A Next, dribble, after throwing lob to the B. Finally A pass from the flank, the souvenir pass the ball shot, 5 shots later, A, B swap. And then five shots after the offensive and defensive sides exchange. More difficult to Action: A pass is more violent, the distance increased. B Ben to meet the ball.

9-situ head the ball jump shot

C, D gatekeeper. A standing at the door to throw an arc Golf B (the "last drop"), the ball landed in the top of B,B shoot the ball from head the ball. The remaining Ibid.

Body stretched into a bow-shaped method of practice.

(1) high jump take-off point in place after the landing. After leaps to the top of each other's hands with the abdomen, the ball must fall on the original take-off point.

(2) the other ramp holding the ball, practitioners leap from Bengqi arched head the ball with his forehead.

(3) Since throwing golf, leaps Ying ball, stretch the body into a bow, with his forehead down to the goal line head the ball, and then in the original take-off point of landing.

10 run-up during take-off head the ball shot

Ibid. A drop in front of the B. B toward the ball, single leg take-off, the body stretched into a bow, head the ball shot. Note that we must take-off leg in a timely manner.

More difficult to Action: C Defensive B, and B a jump. However, do not interfere with the start of B

11 in situ top pass the ball leaps shot

Bingding gatekeepers. A throw or kick the ball pass. B-situ leaps, turns head the ball shot. The rest of the process Ibid.

Skill points: timely take-off, the body can be stretched into a bow and then head the ball. If the lateral side head the ball, upper body to tilt to head the ball. A fierce pass over pass the ball. B forward a couple of steps Ying-top pass the ball. Top 12 run-up jump shot pass the ball

D gatekeepers. C. Defensive B. B ran pass the ball, one foot take-off (such as pass the ball from the right, then left foot take-off. And vice versa), turn around and turn upper body shot with the forehead and head the ball. C and B a take-off, pressed B, but not interfere with the start of B.

The rest of the process Ibid.

Description: leaps to the side of the head the ball when the swivel action, in addition to practicing, the usual warming-up time should also do exercises repeatedly.

13 teamwork - biography - header shot

D gatekeepers. C. Defensive B. A to B as an organizer to play golf after throwing or running in place. B leaps for a ball back to the top. A B pass the ball back to golf after the dribble. A semi-circle in front of the activities was to make his biography from the two, B and also from the two top pass the ball shot. The rest of the process Ibid.

More difficult to Action: C try to interfere, and their defense with the header. He also touched a defense.

14 + 2 on the avant-garde Forwards: two guards, or the avant-garde + 3 Forwards: 3 posterior process and the more difficult moves are ibid., avant-garde pass the ball to be light, heavy and facilities.

15 Chuan-long air ball and then pass the ball shot

avant-garde to the three strikers for a long air ball. From the avant-garde B to pick up after the striker's ball, and back to the avant-garde A, and then again ran out to the flank, and biography. Then pass the ball three strikers shot. Pass the ball to re-avant-garde a goalkeeper.

More difficult to Action: Shou-Fang serious defense. If the avant-garde B to the control of the ball was defensive after the forwards and back reversed. However, two avant-garde is still not fixed.

16 3 four-member team plus an avant-garde practice in between the two air balls and headed

avant-garde from one to another door a long pass forward to the four air balls. 2 goal keeper abide by a neutral. Avant-garde came every air ball by a striker with a striker under the first pass, which pass back to the avant-garde. Each attack is to pick up the ball pass in the end shot. Comparison 10 attacks which group the most goals? Note: those who do not have an air ball must first pass immediately back to the avant-garde.

More difficult to Action: Groups A and B respectively, two in front of defense. Group C to Group A offense by the above method. Group A Group B attack, attack Group B Group C, followed by recycling.

173:3 +2 between the two events A, B and two groups of three each, and another two times to reinforce control over the ball side. Between the attacking side has two air balls and headed to practice, until the ball was taken away until the other party. Than in a fixed period of time which group of up to head the ball?

Difficult to Action: (1) Only one person is sometimes to reinforce the attacking side; (2) offensive and defensive sides of an equal number.

Note: All of the above group is always the center of the box exercises focused on the air ball, header and the header shot.

18 diving head the ball during the same practice 2,3.

Careful pondering: diving the whereabouts of the body should be like? Floor when the body should be relaxed, flexible, arms bent stays way.

19 diving head the ball

(1) leaps for the ball running in the top of the companion, or pass in turn passed the ball to the other side. The beginning of unguarded, and then there are one or more defensive. The first with a run-up, and then single leg take-off.

(2) diving top golf shot. Note: The leaps Ying-ball, use the entire forehead and head the ball, landing with the flexibility to bend your arms, so that "soft" landing. And then immediately stood up and said, Looking in the lob swing again diving head the ball.

(B) Exercise Notice

(1) must pay attention to safety. Warming-up before practice earnestly to practice when the energy should be concentrated, must be prepared after practice to relax the muscles. A larger load in the negative practice, we should grasp the essentials right way to enhance the protection, prevention of injuries.

(2) growth rate of the strength and explosive strength, must demand the speed and intensity of each exercise should not be too many times, but each time interval should be longer; increase the weight of the power and strength endurance, the exercise group number and frequency of can be a little more, each time interval is shorter.

(3) strength training should be the body parts (upper and lower limbs, waist) alternating, otherwise easily lead to partial overburdened. The middle of each practice, should be arranged to run Dianqiu or relaxation exercises.

(4) the power quality of the growth of faster subsided after cessation of training is also faster. In order to maintain and develop the strength of quality, pay attention to handling the relationship between the recurrent and spacing. Is generally at least twice a week, strength exercises.

(5) The strength training classes are generally placed in a fundamental part of the last part of the. Must be practicing in several forces, the order should speed and power, sub-forces of the weight of the final power of endurance.

(6) Children, youth is the skeleton, muscles fast growth period. Arrangements for strength training should be cautious, that is, to correctly grasp the given load and the body may bear the relationship between the load, multi-practice use of small and medium load. 16

17 years of age is a better period of growth in power, the load capacity will be similar to adults.



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