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Can Guo Li Weifeng Luo C off?

df22vc22xc2010-02-05 19:02:08 +0000 #1

desolate sub-Yu2010-02-05 19:13:52 +0000 #2
extraordinary is not a measure, the team was the most important. Yang Pu has been inverted in the World Cup in Brazil captain Cafu Akira. CR energy can be too high concentration of the bulk out, but the bulk of defensive players behind him, then if there had been no use. Big Head is not only a careful and accurate leg, but also fill the seats again as quickly, CR challenge a man no problem, but the challenge a bit difficult for the whole defense. This is why the CR field after scoring a regular disappear reasons. Top about deafness bat!
149,836,3972010-02-05 19:46:08 +0000 #3
likely to fail,,,,, look at luck
chen_liexin2010-02-05 19:55:23 +0000 #4
sometimes, sometimes not.

Energy more likely.
michaelchannel2010-02-05 19:15:05 +0000 #5
you asked the wrong, it should be asked to swap over a few Li Weifeng
deaf bat2010-02-05 20:02:17 +0000 #6
had not, C Luo Gang ball, Li Weifeng and release shovel, C Luo fell. C Luo possible broken leg, it is possible C Luo diving because it is not too
anti-roll roll Allied 22010-02-05 21:10:50 +0000 #7
you this is not a joke Well


Luo and Li Weifeng are not comparable no problem to kill 10



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