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What is difference between the number of football Spike?

cs82763732010-02-05 20:01:22 +0000 #1
Football Spike What is difference between the number of different? A different number of spikes on the players actions have any effect? What to wear while back?
pyang1262010-02-05 20:06:44 +0000 #2
Spike difference is used to adapt to different weather and golf course turf! !

Like Yu Xuetian necessary to use 8 nails, good weather, with 6 nail! !
_ Hongtashan _2010-02-05 20:28:19 +0000 #3
SG: Soft Groud (soft sites), apply to the surface of soft or very soft (even muddy) grass, commonly known as "mud."

FG: Firm Groud (more rigid the site), applicable to a relatively hard surface, grass, referred to as "pasture", the laying of artificial turf, a good venue for FG.

HG: Hard Groud (hard site), the venue for hard surfaces, such as the surface is dirt or gravel sites, referred to as "hard."

TF: Turf (artificial turf laying of venue), which is commonly known as the "broken nail." In my view, the "broken nails" in Beijing is concerned, is the all-around football shoes, and then abuse can adapt to the artificial grass.

IN: Indoor (indoor venues), applicable to the formation by the polished indoor venues. The wooden floor of the stadium to play with the soft grass in the outdoor play is a big difference, if wearing "spikes", so emergency stop turning when the power will be concentrated in the foot a few individual nail column, so that sole contact with the ground surface reduced, they are prone to slipping or falling. So, IN mostly flat-bottomed design.

All in all, made while the short: the more space hard, spikes shorter spikes less (the equivalent of flat-bottomed covered with numerous nail).
Speed Pioneer2010-02-05 20:39:47 +0000 #4
more, then even a good grip! Rainy spikes certainly more than good weather!



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