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Recorded live in the Primera Liga Central 5

lovinsen2010-02-05 20:01:54 +0000 #1
To put it simply, I want to see the central point in the morning of 34 Spanish Primera Liga live

but I can not stay up all night

Now I have a Sharp LCD TV a high-configuration PC a cable TV set-top box a 19-inch display

I want to La Liga recorded in the Sharp TV the next day ask the easiest way to watch

I want to watch the effect is the same effect and the central five do not want to loss of image quality
66598aa2010-02-05 20:06:26 +0000 #2
set-top box output is the baseband signal is directly connected image capture cards can be recorded, and only TV card to record the RF demodulated signal itself, while the digital TV through set-top box demodulated baseband signal, we must use capture card can be recorded.

In fact, there are still plug set-top box hard drive space, estimated to not be long before, they listed with a video set-top boxes

tell you probably want to buy a 80GB hard drive, also more than 100 pieces. After partition the hard disk to connect the TV, remote control, there is time reproduction of the above, want to record the time, press a dot on the screen will appear to prove in recorded, as you said, an appointment record function, I do not know, but at least One thing you can not hard shut down, is to turn off the switch and only use the remote control off the machine in order to achieve this functionality, the opening of the Olympic games when I had this passing of the all-round using a 46M61FR recorded recorded out of it than the DVD is also clear, using a big pot over the cable clear



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