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Chinese men's soccer team and the Haitian National men's soccer friendly charity Where can I see thi

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Street Prince Suan2010-02-06 01:17:25 +0000 #2
Haitian national team on the disdain and the Chinese soccer team in the ratio! 2003.8.31 Haiti 4-3 friendly

At that time Haiti China FIFA rankings: 85

At that time Haiti FIFA ranking: 85

This is just an ordinary friendly competition, but also Ali - When Han led his unit to go to the United States zipper when the warm-up match. Haiti, under the North American team, though the international arena is not an inflow of the team, but they play with the team to achieve a reversal of Shique victory. The first 12 minutes, the Haitian team defensive errors in the use of the Chinese team to play by the Carter Having scored. However, the Chinese team then things hot, and one minute after the score tied by Qi Hong. The first 37 minutes, substitute Xu Yunlong, Li Xiaopeng for the playing of the Chinese team won a penalty kick hit Xiao Zhanbo. The first 42 minutes, Li Jinyu will lead the Chinese team expanded to two goals. But since the Chinese team defense went so far as the collapse of Haiti into the team with three goals after the final go-ahead score in the 4-3 victory over the Chinese team.

Know that the gap between the bar!
Shuai Source 20092010-02-06 01:09:01 +0000 #3
have all these?



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