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What jersey number of football players pay attention to?

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No. 1: Atlas 1 column, alone handled the team last line of defense. As the saying goes, "Kazuo block off, 10000 Fumo open", which is the goalkeeper patent, No. 1, countless great goalkeeper, from Yashin, Banks, to Dino Zoff, Peter Schmeichel, Buffon, and the new on behalf of the goalkeeper Ricardo, Lehmann, Cech, Abbondanzieri, Casillas, who had been scoring, "willing hands to fill the days," the magic.

2: This is a side guard to wear the number, in the stadium might not be noticeable. Brazilian Cafu was wearing jersey No. 2 was attended by four World Cup finals, so far the World Cup finals record of 20 games of the appearance created a legend. Another Franco Baresi World Cup in 90 years, also wearing jersey No. 2. In addition, Argentina's Roberto Ayala, England - Gary Neville wore jersey No. 2 is also good to play.

3: Speaking of 3, I could not help but think of loyalty, because Paul - Maldini is the world's best No. 3, red and black shirt on the 3rd of the sword so that this number is extraordinary; he himself Milan is also Italy's football is not only a symbol of a period of time. Carlos in the club, Lucio in the Brazilian team also wears No. 3, they are also the world's most outstanding defender. The World Cup, Italy, Australia game wearing jersey No. 3, Fabio - Grosso, turned out out of Germany in the semi-finals and final match against France, he has performed well. In the final shootout, his fourth penalty to Italy, locking up the World Cup. For the first time won the World Cup on, in this sense, not only did not let Grosso No. 3, pale, and beyond his predecessors.

4: this can only be reminiscent of Franz Beckenbauer, German football the emperor is wearing jersey No. 4 team, opening a new era of free men and 4 to follow go down in history along with Franz Beckenbauer. In addition, people can only remember 4 Hierro, Patrick Vieira, Javier Zanetti, Steven Gerrard and so few.

5: This is usually the hot-pursuit Zhongwei number, the Italian Alessandro Costacurta, Fabio Cannavaro to interpret the meaning of 5 to vividly, it seems to have become rich in iron and steel guard of the Italian flag. However, in this respect the Germans Coral are not much better, but he later on the 4th through the shirt, not considered a true No. 5. Spain's Carles Puyol, Brazil's Emerson, Argentina's Esteban Cambiasso, England's Rio Ferdinand over time people will remember.

6: Baresi at AC Milan has been wearing jersey No. 6, 10 years, leading a trend of the times, and their descendants are all pairs of Milan, No. 6 jersey pay homage to their predecessors took Redondo the mantle, although the personal charisma worthy of this number, but not for its new glory. Marcel Desailly and Claude Makelele, Costinha, John Terry, Argentina's Gabriel Heinze, Roberto Carlos for Brazil's No. 6 Tim color a lot.

7: from the back line, the first number, often wearing avant-garde and the second striker in the side of the body, the former is represented by David Beckham and Luis Figo, the latter is Bebeto and Lopez. As winger, this number gives the impression that the gas shortage of good skills and sneak attack, is a former field alternative. Of course, this position emerged in a lot of people to worship the stars and even popular, in addition to the above-mentioned several people, there are Raul, Shevchenko, Caniggia, Didier Deschamps, Schweinsteiger grid, Argentina's Savi Aura, Italy's Del - Del Piero, Brazil's Adriano, the French team's Malouda and so on. Cantona wore No. 7 to become leaders, seems to be a special case.

8: This is a dry Leihuo role in the midfield, defensive midfielder the best number. Wearing jersey No. 8 Dunga, Brazil won the World Cup champion and runner-up session, Tieyao Dunga's reputation far and wide. AC Milan and Italy's Gennaro Gattuso, Germany's Dietmar Hamann, Frings, England, Bart is also a typical figure 8 engineers. Of course, there are exceptions, England's Frank Lampard is the offensive side of lumbar or avant-garde, Brazil's Kaka is the Qian Yao, Spain's Xavi, Portugal's Petit, Czech Poborsky also attacking midfielder, The No. 8 Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov was a out and out striker.

9: a true center! I believe this is the dream of every person to play the numbers, it symbolizes the core of the team's offense, symbolizing the sword Feedthrough killer. It had worn in the Fanba Sternberg, Papan, Careca, Gabriel Batistuta, Shearer's body these great striker, Ronaldo, Hernan Crespo, Patrick Kluivert, Wayne Rooney, Tony, Torres, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Jan Koller, who often play a role in Terminator, they are the real 9. Rattling in the goals in the lens, we see most often is a constant 9. Italy have often do not follow common sense out the card, often on the 9th to the back, 94-year Tassotti is an example.

10: the significance of this number without me Well. I do not know is when starting on the 10th became the leader on the pitch. Pele, Maradona, Platini, Lothar Matthaeus, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Bergkamp, Totti, Owen, Tomas Rosicky ... ... too many of these all-powerful figure is almost a complete history of football. No. 10, is a kind of capacity; 10, is a kind of status. If you are 10, you may be the team's NO.1.

11: If no Romario, the number and 80% of its thrust. This should be a small forward in numbers, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, George - George Best, Ryan Giggs is wearing No. 11 and fame. However, the most able to reflect the style of No. 11, non-none other than Romario. "Baixinho" shadowy Qiangdian, a superb shot and isolated uninhibited style of play are the 11 best interpretation. Then Romario and Bebeto, a 11, a 7, two traditional small forward's point of view, the composition of the most horrible striker combination set unrivaled achievements, really is unprecedented, none ever after . Germany's Miroslav Klose, England's Joe - Cole, the French team's Sylvain Wiltord, Spain's Sergio Garcia, Pavel Nedved of the Czech Republic, the Netherlands winger Arjen Robben, Italy's Alberto Gilardino is also a great future No. 11 contender.

12: This is an awkward number, just outside of the 11 people in general are substitutes numbers. Before the European league, played in turn the players wear 1 - 11 jersey number is not fixed who is back, making 12 almost disappeared. We only have to look for the national team: Fanba Sternberg 88, when the European Cup, that is, wearing a No. 12 jersey became a hit, but unfortunately he became authentic 9. In addition, 90 World Cup, Argentina's talented goalkeeper Goyechea also wore No. 12, but he was meteors. France's hottest striker in this World Cup, wearing No. 12 in recent years, this number is perhaps the most dazzling star. In addition, this reserve goalkeeper Oliver Kahn World Cup Germany, Italy, substitute goalkeeper Peruzzi, England, super substitute defender Campbell also wearing No. 12.

13: 13 in the West is an unlucky number, but No. 13 has a large number of players. In my impression was undoubtedly the most famous German "bomber" Gerd - Muller, although Ronaldo has gone beyond this World Cup, after Muller's World Cup overall goals, but the German Dwarf still fat maintained a two-time World Cup into a great record of 14 goals. Eusebio said to also wear No. 13, but age is too old, missed witnessed. No. 13 is now the most famous of course, are Italy's Alessandro Nesta and Germany's Michael Ballack has.

14: Cruyff Phi famous No. 14, 14, because of Cruyff and immortal. Cruyff is the chance to wear No. 14 because it was to commemorate his 14-year-old play on the professional league, otherwise where would star to fill the gaps on the 14th. The son of Cruyff attempt to copy, but the tiger father has Quanzai real Cruyff only one. Small g should be aware that to become a giant, you can not take the others down the road. In Arsenal's Thierry Henry, as well as Spain's Fernando Alonso may be able to recover this number again.

15: of this number, I have no memory. Only vaguely remember, in the 90 years the World Cup, Robert - Baggio was Italy's No. 15. But he has not had since then through this number, he belongs to No. 10. That piece soaked in sweat Baggio jersey No. 15, may have become out of print. Young Cesc Fabregas in the Arsenal temporary wear this number, but his talent and ability that he does not belong to this number. France's Lilian Thuram, the Czech team's Milan Baros, Italy's Vincenzo Iaquinta should be the number of the most outstanding representatives of bar.

16: Can people respect this number, the Manchester United captain Roy Keane is one of the former; while the French team's moment of goalkeeper Fabien Barthez is undoubtedly the most successful one. The World Cup, the German team of young Houweifeili Plame, England, Hargreaves, Argentina's Pablo Aimar, Italy's Mauro Camoranesi will people remember.

17: David Trezeguet wear He holds 17 top scorer in Serie A, this World Cup, Portugal Cristiano - Ronaldo, the Netherlands Robin van Persie is the best team on the 17th. In addition In addition, Germany's Per Mertesacker, Spain's Joaquin is also very good.

18: only part of the eternal Juergen - Juergen Klinsmann, remember never forgotten golden bomber. We are fans of this generation is almost accompanied by Klinsmann blond hair and that fabulous header grew up. No. 18 is also a core team member successor numbers of young people belonging to grasp the team's future. The World Cup, Argentina's Maxi Rodriguez, Spain, Fabrega, the Netherlands Mark van Bommel in time can grow into the core of the future of their respective teams do?

19: 19 Schillaci Italy World Cup dark horse in 90 years, won the top scorer, there may be part of the credit should be attributed to this number. When the guards were all paying attention to No. 9, No. 10, the Who would have thought that 19 Anjianshangren? York, Manchester United, Hernan Crespo Argentina have both been through the No. 19 jersey. Italy's Gianluca Zambrotta on the 19th grade while the Secretary for the right guard, but his great breakthrough in medical technology and sharp, so he became the organizer of the Italian most of the offensive, saying that he is the most outstanding of tissue-type guard a little so at all. The World Cup played an excellent rookie - Lennon, England, Argentina's Lionel Messi will be the next batch of stars do?

20: 82-year golden boy Paul - Rossi independent support on the 20th. Italy has this tradition, and numbers of choreography is different from other teams, leading all forwards wearing No. 18 after a large number, it created a 90,82 two World Cup top scorer on the 19,20, No. 2. Other worth mentioning is that Germany's golden-headed Bierhoff, 98 Owen on the World Cup. The World Cup, Podolski, Deco, David Trezeguet, Snyder while supporting the dignity of starting on the 20th, but still a lot less.

21: This is a very common number, the total was considered the team's bench, but it happens to wear on my favorite star - Christian - Christian Vieri who. Vieri wear No. 21 appearances for Italy in the World Cup nine times, into nine ball, which is a natural center, so forward is not a special cause is wearing No. 21, I can only curse those damned numbers Italy scheduling method , that is, I do not know if Vieri had no comment on this. Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo organization, England center Crouch, Portugal striker Gomez, Spain, David Villa is the avant-garde during the World Cup this shiny No. 21.

22: Substitute goalkeeper numbers are generally, when the young Russian Buffon in that famous battle in the snow for 22 fame. In 2000, his fellow Toldo wearing jersey No. 22 in the European Cup semi-final almost single-handedly sent the Italian final.
Autumn whistle2010-01-18 15:34:39 +0000 #3
In 1950, the jersey numbers for the first time appeared in the World Cup. Since then, the story has been the number of fans talked about topic. In the history of the World Cup not too long, each a number have created a large number of stars and interesting events.

1, a series of miracles is not necessarily just part of No. 1 goalkeeper, two special cases for No. 1 becomes very interesting. Argentina participated in the World Cup in 1978 and 1982, they arranged according to number of the player's surname, so team's No. 1 player is actually the avant-garde Alonso and Ardiles. Similarly, No. 1, also created numerous records. The most senior captain Dino Zoff as aspirations to the World Cup, Zenga Zeyi 517 minutes without conceding a goal to create another record; Mexico goalkeeper Kabahaer participated in five consecutive World Cup, the highest; the last century's greatest fighting is 1970, Banks made the World Cup, he was saved by diving to the top of Pele a header into the corner of the ... ...

2, to accelerate growth in the World Cup after wearing this number to become outstanding, Barre West is typical. He in 1982 and 1990, both wearing No. 2, but No. 6 is the number of his authentic. Many people are wearing a No. 2 immediately after the fame, and they include Briegel, Camacho, Cafu, and Vogts. Another interesting example is the Polish goalkeeper Tomasevski, he wore in the 1974 World Cup 2, saved a penalty.

3, Milan World Cup the most famous of several 3 are linked and Milan, Italy. Bremer wearing this number in 1990, scored the only goal of the final; Bergomi and Facchetti also wore this number has received numerous honors in the World Cup, they have to play at Inter Milan. In 1974, the then West Germany's No. 3 Schnellinger defense barrier is inconceivable that he had had a glorious era of AC Milan. In 1990, Frank Rijkaard was also wearing No. 3. In 1994 and 1998 World Cup, Argentina's No. 3 is Chamot, AC Milan, who they are. The World Cup, Paolo Maldini is wearing No. 3.

4, brutal monarchy in 1970, Alberto holding the World Cup on behalf of Brazil, the third time, he left the World Cup to the fans the impression that the insurmountable. Since then, wearing this number of people has always been rude and unreasonable, and they include Germany and the Netherlands star star Kohler Coleman.

5, an elegant aristocrat in 1974, Beckenbauer let this number by the attention, he was the rage on the pitch, was considered to be Julius Caesar. In 1990, Augenthale continues this tradition in 1994, another one wearing a No. 5 there were elegant, he is Redondo.

6, this number train a large number of natural captain captain, Franco Baresi is a synonym for No. 6. In addition, the England captain in 1966, Moore was wearing this number to win, he is considered the best player in England last century. In addition, the Butcher of England, Argentina, "Tito," Passarella, Spain, Hierro, Brazil's Didi are too light to wear this number radiation.

7, Idol winger winger this number belongs to, but also their favorite idols. The World Cup is David Beckham and Luis Figo. Before the 1994 Bebeto, and then in 1990 Caniggia, 80's Brian? Robson also wear this number, and earlier have to be Mazzola, Zagallo had.

8, a tough guy they look on the people fearful, they wore No. 8 on the courage to destabilize any opponent. 1958Years, England's Bobby? Robson fame wearing this number, after which Hungary Keqi Shi, 1978, Kenny Dalglish has a good play. Of the greatest should be the No. 8 Hristo Stoichkov and Socrates, the former in 1994, actually led the Bulgarian scored four strong; the latter was in 1982, one of Brazil's four major midfield.

9, unworthy of the name, this number belongs to center. But the real in the World Cup, 9 have not yet shown a very good role. Historically, the World Cup leader, No. 9 there Bobby? Charlton, but he is not a center. Butragueno, Fan? Van Basten and Careca are good on the 9th, but they are in the World Cup performance in general. It is worth mentioning also the German Schiller.

10, number one, this number is needless to say.

11 heroism, like playing with a number of 11 individual skill. Romario is absolutely typical, and he was not much different from including阿斯普里拉. Garrincha was an early master of the personal taping, after which, 11 players have a strong spirit of individualism, they include Argentina, Valdano and Juan Sebastian Veron, England, Waddle and Barnes, Spain Gento, Of course, Germany's Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is an exception.

12 substitute goalkeeper on the 12th never become stars, because this number is reserve goalkeeper nest. Of course, the Brazilian defender Nilton? Santos, and the Netherlands striker Rensenbrink 12, No. truths.

13, despite the challenge of evil Westerners taboo this figure, but the great Eusebio, and god? Muller is wearing this number to shine in the World Cup. Alessandro Nesta also like 13, this World Cup he will wear this number game. However, most countries still do not like this number, 1978, Peru submitted the list of where there is no number 13, but FIFA does not approve of this move.

14 Flying Dutchman Cruyff private.

15, a touchstone that it is a touchstone, many players wore this number before the fame, they include the 1978 Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio in 1990, and Prosinecki. However, this number will perform the most out of color people are Falcao, who is one of the stars in 1982.

16 European favorite star in Poland by virtue of this number Rato became the top scorer in World Cup 1958 World Cup captain is 16, Walter. 1994 World Cup, Italy's Roberto Donadoni are also on the 16th, the European players are generally very interested in this number.

17, an immortal record of Fontaine wore this number to create a World Cup record of 13 goals scored, which is enough.

18, like 9 of 9 performance in the World Cup than the World Cup on the 18th but outstanding performance. Klinsmann is 18, in the most outstanding player, followed by Boniek, Kopa was on this number.

19, a secret weapon Crespo at this World Cup is 19, not difficult to find on the 19th though, "not look like much", but has quite a lot of strength. Italy World Cup in 1994, Massaro and 1998, Inzaghi is this number.

20 days to win 1994 World Cup in Brazil, the cradle of the time, Ronaldo wore No. 20. In 1982, almost inaccessible to even the World Cup are actually in one fell swoop Rossi scored six goals in the game to ensure that the Italian team won. Star

21 Substitute 21 is certainly prepared for the replacement, but everybody has big-name replacement. By 2002 World Cup, for example, Dugarry, Enrique, foreland, Luisao, Chinchilla, Gomez, Caniggia, Cabiedes are all early claim to fame, but can not will certainly be the main chance.

22, No. 3, the majority of the team like the goalkeepers will be sent to this number the team's No. 3 goalkeeper, 2002 World Cup because of the 23, so only 13 No. 3 goalkeeper, but in the past the World Cup is very high.

23 volatile as this is the 2002 World Cup, the new number, this number makes the volatility of each country is not the same as the arrangement 23.

24, a gift Maradona Maradona Argentina Football Association declared as sealed on the 10th, Argentina's FIFA franchise has been on the 24th, so the world has only one World Cup on the 24th, he is the replacement of Argentina goalkeeper Bonano, this number seems more than all the numbers are NB.

Zhuantie -
United Kingdom2010-01-18 15:16:05 +0000 #4
football clothing on the back there are other numbers that meaning?

This depends on the history of football cedar is not the first back number, with the number back and then becoming a cultural, number sense, but the evolution of modern football, back there are still significant numbers, but has been reduced.

back number originally was established in 1928 in England First Divsion league Chelsea vs Arsenal began to try, but then a lot of teams gradually adopt this custom. is not to replace the traditional soccer the players, so coaches are listed in the list of players that would play No. 11 is 11 people, the traditional soccer practices from the "back" Start the list in, first out goalkeeper, and then out back, midfield, forward players. Therefore, a lot of teams The number row up is this:

Goalkeepers: 1,

guard / border guard: 2 - 6

Midfielders: 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, of which 10 with 11 commonly used in the wing front

Forwards: 9, 10, also 7, 8, 11

Football has a long history, in which a lot of formation changes, the most common are 442 or 433, but the former is the most common 325 (or 323), 244 and 424, etc. formation, the pitch of the guard / midfielder / forward a different number. before 325, when popular 2, 3, 4, is a guard, 5, 6, is a midfielder, 7-11 numbers are both forwards. while the popular 532, when 2-6 numbers are back, and only 9, 10, is a forward.

In principle, football is a defender before the 1-6 (back), No. 7-11 is the attacker (striker), midfield position is later development of , and made a number of variable-speed midfield more flexible. Sometimes, 4, 5, 6, is a guard, and sometimes midfield (defensive midfielder popular in recent years, they are usually 4, 5, 6).

Over time, many fans will worship the ground the ball with them heroes cedar numbers equate, in the long history of the team, because there are glorious, the ball is fir numbers also have a special meaning. These are the history of several a relatively well-known team / ball and players fir:

Brazil 10 - Pele, Zico, Rivaldo

Argentina 10 - Maradona

Manchester United 7 - Best, Cantona, Beckham

Milan 6 - Baresi, he was interest to Milan was to stop No. 6

Milan 3 - Maldini, after his retirement on the 3rd will be stopped, his son (now only 10 years old) is the future of the only players allowed to wear No. 3

The Netherlands 14 - Cryuff, 1-11 ball outside the most famous cedar numbers

like the goalkeeper is on the 1st?

because no matter how the formation, the only constant is the goalkeeper is always only one, so the ball is the most common fir No. 1 goalkeeper. Other numbers due to age, the team strategy, team and cultural factors have different implications.

From the 1965 start, the game rules changed to allow replacement players, the number could exceed 11, Number habits have changed. At that time No. 12 is a replacement to the first player, 13, is to give an alternate goalkeeper, 14, is to give a second bench. but generally speaking, 14-22, and no special significance.

One of the most famous case is the the Netherlands, all attack the whole defensive Father Cryuff, he thought the ball Angeles number and the definition of dance in particular, in the national team's insistence on wearing No. 14 Ball fir, rather than the so-called pre-emptive numbers 7, 9, 10 and so on. But he was too well-known , and the results of the Netherlands is now the most famous number is 14, even the English Premier League Arsenal's Henry also wore No. 14.

because soccer number and no special rules, sometimes funny situations arise - such as 1978 World Cup, Argentina, in accordance with the player's last name to volleyball cedar numbers and in distribution, it was back on court No. 1, but not the goalkeeper player.

it seems the players are all back numbers 7,8,9,10,11, or captain of the main players is more like?

a lot of coaches would pick the strongest players in the team when the captain, the team are usually the strongest offensive players, so they wear the No. cedar also tends to be 7-11.

a child always felt able to wear No. 10 jersey is an honor

This is because the World Cup, two of the most famous player wore number 10 ball cedar, Brazilian Pele (Win 1958, 1962, 1970 World Cup) and Argentina's Maradona (win 1986 World Cup). active duty Chelsea players inside of Joe Cole, Barcelona's Ronaldinho, Juventus's Del Piero, Inter's Adriano, Man Utd's van Nistelrooy are also on the 10th.

other famous players / numbers with the upper floors have been given many friends, and I no more to say. As for the present number of meaning, is more than 30 years ago, not that important because the numbers can be freely used. in Turkey, Greece, Spain, have all occurred 77, 99, was rare numbers.

In short, pay attention to the entire team in modern football (23 people) co-ordination, rather than rely solely on past that 11/14 people, not as good as in previous years, although the number is significant, but well-known numbers are still meaningful.



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