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China's first-ever what is called a bourgeois political parties

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Chinese Alliance is China's first-ever a bourgeois party

League of short brief Chinese Alliance League, led by Sun Yat-sen and organization of overseas Chinese predominantly a national revolutionary party. Chinese Alliance on August 20, 1905 in Tokyo, Japan was established. Its predecessor is the Hua Xing Hui and the Revive China Society, in addition to rehabilitation will be, science and many other organizations to participate in the tutorial.

The fundamental attribute is the class nature of political parties, any political party represent a certain class, class or social group, and the struggle for the benefit of political organizations. "All the political struggle of the most rigorous classes, the most complete and most obvious manifestation is the struggle of political parties."

Has the following salient features: First, political parties have their own political agenda and political goals. Party's political program, which can be relatively broad, long-term, strategic, may also be partial, temporary, and tactical. Party political objective is to seek and achieve the country's political life, the right to rule, a minimum of intervention and influence the country's political life, in order to preserve their own represented by class, class or social group interests. Secondly, political parties have their own organization and discipline. Such a strict degree of organization and discipline, although there are different, but it is always party together and play to their political strength necessary. Thirdly, political parties have their own party members and the contact people. Whether in legal or illegal in the fight against the power of a political party mainly in their own party members and the masses on the contact.

Reformers do not have a political program, royalists. The same as the diehards with this



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