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The 17th round of Serie A four specific reasons why the extension?

Lamb2010-01-16 00:29:25 +0000 #1
Serie A 17th round of four specific reasons why the extension?
Emanuel2010-01-16 00:44:31 +0000 #2
the snow due to the recent intensification of the 17th round of Genoa Serie A team home match against Bari was also postponed, allowing round match postponed to 4 games. Previously scheduled for Saturday at home against Atlanta Bologna, Florence team home against AC Milan, Udinese Sunday home match against Cagliari were postponed.

The recent heavy snow fell over the north of Italy, below 0 degrees Celsius freezing weather on the players and the fans are the insecurity, the geothermal facilities, with the help of most of the Serie A match for Dao Hai golf course turf, but the clear stands on the ice be much more difficult, even in the Genoa Ferraris stadium sprinkled with salt, but the Italy time on the 20th morning, the local "safe operation of the team" examined the Genoa team arena, announced the fans into the stadium is unsafe, the police law and order and fire are also can not be guaranteed. Although the competition is a closed-door option, but both clubs have considered unfair to the fans, have agreed to match postponed. This extension of the other three games, basically the same reasons. It is reported that the new game date has been set, but four games may be scheduled for January 27 next year.



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