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English Premier League return to CCTV? ?

Milky Way2010-01-18 19:01:10 +0000 #1
Premier League side heard Tiansheng very unhappy because they had previously in China, 5,6000 W fans. 400W in a change fee. Really, they will come back do
masterpieces of worms2010-01-18 19:15:10 +0000 #2
has the world's largest audience of CCTV, they have the power to negotiate terms with others.

According to relevant news, Bundesliga, Serie A co-operation with CCTV for many years, in fact, broadcast fee is very low. China's huge market for the other value, the price just do not care.

English Premier League in Asia, the ratings are very high, especially in Southeast Asia. English Premier League broadcast in China, Tiansheng fees, in fact they did not make money, pay the audience are not many.

This year Tiansheng relaxed restrictions in many parts of Taiwan are live, Sina, QQ were broadcast live, every game can look.

This strategy, so that the ratings suddenly Premiership high up.

A few days ago to see Chelsea's game, the sidelines of the ad will appear in Chinese, or Simplified Chinese, that company is also a foreign company, you can see out, for the Chinese market, also attaches great importance to the Premiership, especially in recent years, the Premiership on many occasions to cooperate with China, engage in such activities and projects.

CCTV broadcast English Premier League is highly unlikely. Because of CCTV do not want to pay, and now the Premiership ratings rose up again, but they like to use CCTV Overlord treaty to constrain the others, so the possibility of cooperation in the Premiership and the CCTV is very small.

There are two good example of that. First off the air last year's Super event, many people say it is because "super-bad, incidents and more" reasons not to CCTV off the air, but understand that people are aware, it is because CCTV do not want money, but not willing to sell Shanghai SMG's face. Thought it was the CCTV you can keep up appearances.

Another one is the Champions League live. From 2006 until the start of the right to get the Champions League CCTV images, in fact, are unwilling to go out of the price so much coverage, and later the voice of the high domestic Champions League, UEFA and the concerns of the Chinese market has also improved, UEFA only a bit lower price, CCTV also made concessions before allowing CCTV has broadcast rights.

English Premier League is indeed very nice, but when they run CCTV such acts, have no alternative. In the CCTV's sports news, the world simply do not "Premier" This league, that is, the world football where there will be a very short period of time following a letter, play about the score. This is this called the most professional, most comprehensive television stations, is a great irony.

In fact, watching the CCTV that bad, why?

An analogy, he's with a local stations broadcast the same game, local stations have been the opening five minutes, and CCTV only player approach. Why? It is because put too much ads. Is not just football, basketball is the same, in particular, remember that it was CBA, because the previous broadcast time, Guangdong sports games faster first quarter ended, CCTV is also playing here, playing field is not delayed, but the broadcast before the advertising, they a no less! ! !

Look at the Premiership, a lot of ways to look at ah, like the Shanghai Sports, Guangdong Sports, Sina, QQ can see, now do not have to spend money.



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