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Beijing Guoan, really slated Champions

hitler9112010-01-18 20:01:15 +0000 #1
Football Association decided how the National Security Rumors Super League title this season, is that true? No waves without wind, or the wind is the rain?

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Tatu guest,2010-01-18 20:16:05 +0000 #2
unofficially impossible, but the Chinese Football Association is responsible for some of the power sector, the relevant people in Beijing, who are in Beijing, it's even longer in Beijing, large, they are the Beijing fans. They use their own identity, to facilitate the use of their power to do everything possible to secretly helped the National Security of the National Security profit, this is an indisputable fact - National Security in the league by the FA, referees of the anaphoric, a lot of media exposure, will not repeat them here.
Zezheng2010-01-18 20:50:03 +0000 #3
impossible Louzhu newspaper is October 21, 2008 in!

These are rumors, I have is the third time to answer a similar question, and besides, Jun Zhu talk was also letters?

, "National Security unofficially the Champions?" Fans are saying in Tianjin yesterday, Football Association went so far attracted a league director, the Secretary-General Ma Chengquan Super Lash specifically refute rumors in the news.

The Football Association yesterday afternoon, a routine Lash, a reporter on the national security champion is said unofficially to the Football Association questioned. Ma Chengquan ask, "Such rumors are credible? If winner already decided how it would not have played league. Individuals on the network to spread false information, not the slightest basis in fact. We do not believe in the federation can not be to support certain teams. behind the important times of games, FIFA will continue to send foreign referees, after three league to ensure fairness, will provide a unified start time. "

unofficially title purely malicious speculation, the National Security clubs have this to ask, "Henan two boarded the standings, is not it is unofficially?"

The following is taken from Huang Jianxiang's blog:

Huang Jianxiang: It is my first one shouting the National Security slated champions

the first two days outside the off a very remote but beautiful place, not the Internet, so they can only perceive the outside world through mobile phones. Heard about the determination of the Football Association to trace the "national security is said unofficially," the source, I heard a telephone contact with senior Football Association officials are football show host and journalist, consulting the original source of this claim. I am a little suspected that his own doing, but they could not remember the trance is very clear in the end, Lee thief and big eyes, or I will cry the first question. Have no Internet access would not be able to see your own blog, so, so FA had to telephone for information.

Wait until returned to Beijing today, and still no phone, etc. to FA. So the big eyes, etc. to the phone thief: "You received the Football Association Tel Ya it?" "No ah! You?" "She did not! Ah ?"--" matter how estimates are not enough experienced Zanliang . "" waiting for it? "" Do not wait, surrender bar! "

But Zhesi fast chips, I had something to do to go out at night, came back she discovered was that he robbed the sofa. It seems I can only stood down. Two days ago I just wrote one on the "voluntary-based public figures," comments, today has found two "voluntary-type defendant." To be harmonious.

Indeed, big eyes Zhesi first in the August 27 announced that Beijing Guoan has been won and use it as evidence of a witness is "unofficially said," the source. I have carefully reviewed his recent blog on the Super League, and found that I put forward earlier than the big eyes and a suspected thief, "said unofficially," August 3, I see this published a blog: Elton dead Zhuge scare running live chongda. Jurors in order to save you valuable time, I deliberately involved in a paragraph of text summarized as follows:

recently heard a lot of argument, not only Beijing soccer community, including all over the country, we are all full of Beijing Guoan league this year's "confidence." So there are a lot of people say this year's league had been "provided" is the national security of the. I have been skeptical. I do not suspect that national security could win, I suspect that this "rule" is said - why? Map What? How so?

But today's game read, I began to suspect that their suspicion.

In the 1:3 backward when the referee Zhang Lei penalty to the Beijing team that penalty simply does not exist. This penalty sentence, I even turned to the computer to see a race he thought he was the home and away made a mistake. Therefore, Griffith was "fair play" to one foot to play fly stampede in Chongqing a few pigeons, rather, "a gentleman does not eat a rude invitation to a living" spirit.

The penalty to determine the time, even the narrator is speechless Beijing Television had.

Today, Chongqing, told the team's performance if the existence of those to "provides that" persons belonging to national security: to win league titles, or rely on our own strength.

I hope there is no such requirement.

Well, it seems, the first suspected, arrested, infinite close to "unofficially" the source of the "unscrupulous journalists", it should be me, not one of Lee thieves big eyes. Sofa should be me, although since then I have been holding a firm opposition "is to win," said the banner, but never expected that the two "non-senior" the opposition of speech, but caused by passers-by onlookers, went so far as caused such consequences - must be consulted, you can afford to consultancy Well? However, according to seconds, I charges.

So there is conscience of the "senior" came out for the Football Association's "tracking" hit before the station, and criticize us irresponsible. I think also wrongly accused: first, the qualifications of the Chinese Football responsible not us, are those "senior", we'd like to do on the Chinese Football responsible, you give us more chance to save it? How many times ugly words at the head of the once one person heard me? We do not say ugly words to tell a joke got to change; followed by those of us "unscrupulous" and "non-senior" has always adhere to the "not taking the initiative, not rejected, is not responsible for" the "three noes" policy, you let us be responsible for Chinese football, Will the Chinese football when we had held responsible? The sudden earnest, really good from it? Sorry, you are wrong horse, and we are all "unscrupulous." Daisen then said long ago: Do you dare to the fixing of matches I would dare to write false news. Furthermore, this news is not false, the theory had to do something.

Because of the recent contacts with the lawyers, they should therefore have become more legal awareness. Suddenly discovered that this may be the case where, so far, just look at my words, "provides that" this action is not subject, that is - do not tell you who "rule". Then why the Football Association will take the initiative on what basis that "the provisions of the" national security champion is him?

It seems that soccer is a voluntary type.

Chinese football is really too much harmony, and everyone is so conscious of the plaintiff the defendant voluntarily type. Also have been robbed chief.
aaaaaa2010-01-18 20:14:50 +0000 #4
Chinese football, anything is possible.
suifeng2010-01-18 21:23:51 +0000 #5
seems to be this way, and national security has been completely occupied the title of the initiative, as long as no major mistakes you can win, but the final is still fight in us, the team Greentown relegation teams will be out to Therefore, the result was a certain suspense. less likely to be unofficially, at most, a coincidence, but to national security has been able to get a penalty point of view, this is not necessarily not be shady.



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