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The Road Ahead ---- China Liuyang football articles

Blood Fox2010-01-18 21:01:04 +0000 #1
Preface: Future of Chinese football, a long time ago I was thinking about this I thought this does not belong to the topic, however, as an ordinary Chinese fans, me and everyone the same: heart in the blood. This is actually a very heavy very complex topic, because of lack of knowledge, poor thinking, I dare not write delays. But as age increases, more and more a kind of "Wang Shih-North Central Plain, sacrificial without forgetting sue Naiweng" pessimism. Yayi Yao, Xin Yiheng, tentatively to write a little bar that count! Program from five different angles to expound on the topic, if my opinion is very one-sided, very ignorant, very high-handed, or exchange, or criticism, or to laugh it off, but hope it will not personal attacks, otherwise, it must be this serial the only reason for mortality. Less gossip Syria, and quickly enter the working title bar!

First come into the job, then the Chinese soccer player to be a sort after Liuyang:

1998 Liuyang Player: Fan Zhiyi (Crystal Palace League One), Sun Jihai (League One Crystal Palace), Yang Chen (Bundesliga Frankfurt), Li Jinyu (French A Nancy)

2000 Liuyang Player: Xie Hui (second division Alemannia Aachen), Ma Mingyu (Serie A Perugia), Li Bing (second division Offenbach), Zhang Enhua (League One Grimsby)

2001 Liuyang players: Zhang Xiaorui (second division Alemannia Aachen), Li Tian Tian (second division Mannheim)

2002 Liuyang Player: Sun Jihai (Manchester City League One), Li Tie (Everton), Li Weifeng (Everton)

2003 Liuyang Player: Shao Jiayi (Munich Bundesliga 1860)

2005 Liuyang Player: Hao Haidong (English crown Sheffield United), Shi (Rui Shichao young people), Dewey (Celtic), Qu (Adelaide, Australia ultra Union), Zhang Xiaobin (Australia Ultra New Zealand Knights), Xu Xiaofei (Japan Sapporo FC)

2006 Nian Liu-yang Player: Zhang Yuning (Australia super Queensland roar), Leilei (Australia Ultra New Zealand Knights), Yan (Australia Ultra New Zealand Knights)

2007 Liu-yang Player: Zheng Zhi (Charlton Athletic), Sun Xiang (PSV Eindhoven Dutch), on the sea (Dutch Weite Si), in the Great Treasure (Portuguese ultra-Benfica), Chang Chi-ming (Portuguese ultra-Porto), Wang Gang (Portuguese ultra - Benfica)

2008 Liuyang Player: Sun Xiang (A Vienna, Austria), Mr Joe Cheung (Portuguese ultra-Belenenses), Sun Yunpeng (巴西巴拉纳), Liu Chi-San (巴西巴拉纳)

Li Weifeng ----- 2002 Nianxia English Premier League Everton fought for six months, half season loan effectiveness. In early 2009, Li Weifeng transfer defected to the club Suwon Samsung.

Feng Xiaoting ----- 2009 season in Italy with the help broker a free transfer to the South Korean K League Daegu FC team, where he was coach of the side of Bing Zhou's discouraged Daegu, South Korean media even called him the "Asian dimension Dickey. "

Take a look at the above Liuyang player, of sorts, but the success of Sun Jihai (League One Crystal Palace), Yang Chen (Bundesliga Frankfurt) only, other players Liuyang is basically a failure, or it can be said is unsuccessful. Liu-yang failure was not horrible, frightening thing is that so many years with no reason for the failure to find out! Find out the causes and resolve it, is any one thing the inevitable road to success.

Everybody says that our football environment caused by the low level of Chinese football, but football is not the same environment of poor horrible, horrible thing is that we do not have self-knowledge, China and China cluster is an arrogant ignorant people, and Chinese players are a group of self - Big ignorant players, Chinese fans are a group of arrogant ignorance of the fans, why do I say? Once you look at the players the idea of Liuyang, preferred five leagues in Europe to the other second-rate or third-rate league disdain, simply not taken into account. To know the current Super League but even the four streams league is not really, this league trained players, asking for the moon jump into Europe's top league, you feel realistic? Is like a valley just out of primary school students, even though he was in the village how good, you let him direct access to Beijing University to study, you say that he can read all right? This principle is simple you can insult our intelligence!

Let us do our thing, we should first be targeted, followed by a gradual to do, which is also a simple truth. Chinese soccer's future the most realistic goal? Is the catch-up Anglo-German? Is to win the trophy? This answer is obviously absurd. Chinese Football the most realistic goal is to enter the 2016 World Cup race, then we the hype? Is our neighbor, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other countries; to achieve this goal, at least not lost to the four rivals. So I would say is: come out from the Super League player, your first choice should be Liuyang Japan, Korea, Australia, sand league. Do a good high works well, asking for the moon, and their league is more professional than we are, we need to learn a lot. Just think: If more than half of our national team players located in Japan, Korea, Australia, sand league, the long-term were removed from them is bound to play their football and features a more in-depth understanding. Was not undercover, is to learn from. Wait until the advent of the 2016 World Cup qualifiers, we probably have done logistics Wei Zhang, the run-off outside of a thousand miles. To be very put gas in words: three years of hardships, have to worry that Hulu does not disappear, no longer the Central Plains? Here I have to point people criticized several Chinese players: Shao Jiayi, you should should Jiliuyongtui? Zheng, you can be in the Scottish Premier League how long? Zhou Haibin, the Netherlands do better than the day? Similarly, I would like to commend two Chinese players: Li Weifeng and Feng Xiaoting, and your choice is correct, your pace is solid, your future will be successful!

The question to find out, as the Chinese Football Association of the how to do? I personally think that the formulation of relevant policies and macro-control should be done as far as possible to encourage our players into Japan, Korea, Australia, sand inside the league, and even can make provisions to restrict the direct Liuyang European Super League players impractical . Of course, how a specific operation, I would not say come. As a player in the super-how to do? You need to understand that the Europeans into the Super is a gold rush, you have to go abroad to study, The choice of what kind of school to learn, or according to their own ability to do a more realistic option bar!

This article original author fox blood, originating in the blood of the fox's blog, shall not be reproduced in any media without authorization.

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Ming Xuan2010-01-18 21:10:19 +0000 #2
support, Well "three-year Great Revival, have to worry that Hulu does not disappear, no longer the Central Plains?." 3-5 years later, really out of Asia in China.
Salted2010-01-18 21:36:01 +0000 #3
write really good, Zambia 1 -
hitler9112010-01-18 21:11:59 +0000 #4
Yes, the Chinese players should be down to earth. If China has 20 people in Hungary or Poland-League, the Chinese team is also a lot stronger than it is now.
Big Fat2010-01-18 22:04:04 +0000 #5
Chinese player Liu-yang bumpy road, with the players on individual ability, it now appears may be the highest achievements of Zheng Zhi, and a few days ago he was the first in the Scottish Premier League Derby in the show is very good, look forward to his China Football Zhengming
eating abalone shell ear 882010-01-18 22:12:28 +0000 #6
Article Yes, the view is very insightful. But I think the basis of the current Chinese football is getting worse, and today's children play soccer is so limited, as we have here, a medium-sized city 10 years ago, from primary to junior high school, high school and businesses are among the league, are now no longer available, so go the level of Chinese football will certainly continue to fall, then the future, do not say Europe is to go Japan and South Korea also have difficulties in Liuyang, it is estimated to go to Vietnam, Singapore to the mixing of the. So I think how to improve the coverage of football is the most pressing problems.



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