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Argentina did not call you cry

wswaill2010-01-19 03:01:42 +0000 #1
Argentina do not cry for you again

a long absence, qualifying, a tight game, 2-1 victory Peru, won the kind of magic, incredible win method, achievements of a hero,

achievement of a new Argentine God, a mad God, is this crazy God save the Argentine, they will still control their destiny in their own hands.

World War II have not heard of before the coming of competition before the customary quarrel, very quiet, Argentina VS Uruguay concerned about the millions of Chinese people's hearts, but heart Spa eagle does not appear in South Africa, worried about next year in South Africa do not see Lionel Messi do not see a small flea performances in South Africa, perhaps many people and I am worried that the same bar. Competition is not as inspired as we imagine, but ultimately there are still goals appear, Argentina, Uruguay, 1-0 Lectra, contests the final whistle Maradona, Bilardo hugged to celebrate, Ma Dashuai cried, like Maradona satisfied that that kind of number one had not seen what kind of scenes, but that moment, he is not number one, not many people worship the number one, but an ordinary, completely release the pressure on him coach the moment Ma Dashuai relief, and Ma Dashuai I am also happy to qualify in Argentina are pleased again to Lionel Messi, really, congratulations to Argentina!

Say that a bad team qualifying performance in the final lap to have good results in 2002 in Brazil, in 2006 in Italy are like this, then the next year in South Africa belong to one of Argentina do? In the past I do not believe this, this time I believe, because of Argentina, as Messi, because for a long time did not see Span eagle wings soaring, and the coming year in South Africa, Argentina refuel it, Mei Xijia oil bar!

Asia minutes2010-01-19 03:09:35 +0000 #2
In fact, Ma Shuai to conduct a thorough review of each in a losing cause, alone in front of Macy's a run is not feasible, to strengthen the attacking midfielder, so Messi can play to its advantages!

World cups do not sympathize with the tears, Ma Shuai must sum up the errors, in order to go further!



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