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Now how many people are concerned about the super-it?

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09 signs of super-clear viewing record rebound the ball City, Beijing's most fire

After a few seasons of the downturn after the 2009 season's Super again showed a rising trend, from the game attendance the investment rate to the work of the league, to the television ratings have a very significant progress. The super-warming for the Chinese football is a good news.

Super broadcast to create a new league record

a The level of evaluation of many aspects of the standards required, sponsors circumstances, television ratings and attendance are a few main course standards. According to statistics from the super-figures, 2009 Super League season, the former 10 the number of steady increase and television, and the ratings are also maintained a very good numbers, which means the market value of a certain super-improved fans degree of concern are slowly upgrading.

According to statistics, a total of 26 super-race broadcast television stations, including Tianjin TEDA in the first round and second round with Dalian Shide Greentown, Hangzhou and Tianjin Teda game live (Tianjin sports channel), ratings reached 7.94%, respectively and 8.6%; the fifth round of Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan and the seventh round of the Tianjin Teda game live with Shandong Luneng (Shandong television, all transport channels), and the ratings rate reached 10.44% and 9.04%; In addition, in the first round of the Beijing Guoan and Chongqing Shixian Taibai and the fifth round of the Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan live in the (Beijing sports channel), the ratings were 4.91% and 4.17%. According to the former 10, the viewing statistics, Super viewership reached 54.9 million trips passengers, an increase of 16 million compared to last year, increased by 40%, super-long competition to the local television ratings for all programs Ranking the top ten. In addition to live television in good condition, the webcast is to create a new record, the network broadcast and online video on-line data of 20 million.

The football market to pick up, increase the number of on-site fans

In addition to television, the fans in attendance will be able to field a direct reflection of the status of league football market, which is related to the super-fundamental to development. According to data provided by CSL, the former 10 games were attendance of 1.67 million, a slight increase over last year. Games are the top 3 of the Division for the audience: Beijing stadium 33000 people, 28600 people in Shaanxi Division, Jiangsu stadium 20600 people, ranked in the latter three are: Changsha stadium 07500 people, Qingdao stadium 07600 people, Shenzhen Division 11600 people.

League sponsor reimbursement in good condition

this season's Super League title by Pirelli Tire Co., Ltd., in addition to Nike China, Xinyuan motor, etc. are also super-partners. According to the company in charge of super-person, the sponsor shall promptly return to good, has not yet appeared in arrears sponsorship as against the situation. In addition, the company is still super-piece continue efforts to develop resources in the hope that more businesses to join the sponsorship of Super League to.
angel_sun2010-01-19 03:11:42 +0000 #3
I am also concerned about the Super, I am also concerned about the Guo'an, hope Guo'an be able to win the league title.



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