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Beijing Guoan booking

Miu Love Snowman2010-01-19 06:01:24 +0000 #1
I want to see 17 pairs of widely the drug game, I want to know whether such reservations, how the top, very grateful to
shpd7132010-01-19 06:06:15 +0000 #2
ticketing network through the new era of online booking

http: / /

Beijing Booking Hotline :010-51288888 84473811

National Booking Hotline :400-7060-688

Time: at 15:30 on October 17, 2009

Performance Venue: Beijing Workers Stadium

Tickets: 30/50/80/100

Warm Tip:

1, this game from now until 10 Yue 15 Ri (Zhou Si) 12:00 accept online booking in October after 15 invited fans to call my company to telephone bookings;

2, the game officially out of tickets Time为10月14 Ri (Zhousan). Select "self service" approach bookings fans are invited to Wednesday 10:00 am and then to my company get votes;

3, a new era Ticket Booking Hotline :010-51288888

Address: New Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, No. 18 Sunshine City Building 4 205

Getting There: Subway Line 2 Dongsishitiao station (B port) eastbound 300 meters north road; 701,758,823,406,416,113,115,118 Bus, East 40 Qiaodong get off north road you are there.

4, due to more orders for the game, so we will no longer be on the order by telephone to confirm, select the "ticket delivery door," fans will be held October 14 -16 12:00 issued prior to the receipt of our express delivery , please note that to receive.

5, on the distribution: 200 yuan orders, express shipping surcharge within the Fourth Ring 7 yuan / single; tetracyclic to pentacyclic surcharge between 10 yuan / single; rings on the ground, inter alia, Yizhuang two surcharge 20 yuan / Single, all other regions charge 30 yuan / single; 200 yuan (including 300 yuan) The above orders, free express shipping within the Fourth Ring, Ring to the surcharge between rings 3 yuan / single, rings outside the on the ground, Yizhuang two places are subject to 10 Yuan / Shan, other areas subject to 20 yuan / single.



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