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Break the system shackles! Serie A really revived!

Sky Love Fan Chen2010-01-19 07:01:53 +0000 #1
A few days ago read the news that the Italian Parliament has passed a bill.

The bill allows municipalities to transfer to the stadium of its own football club, but also allow the club to build their own stadium. As a result, possibly more than half of the club will be in the next few years, has its own exclusive golf course, and can be modeled on the Premier model, a variety of operating within the golf course.

Thus, long-term view, in the past Serie A club's football market constraints operating bleak, not high attendance has been greatly improved from the system. In turn is a question of money, if operating properly, the financial resources will be greatly improved.

I think the left is the efforts of practitioners in Italian football, and I am personally more optimistic. After all, business people everywhere, previously missing is a system.

You say? The news is not very decisive?
purplesword2010-01-19 07:04:53 +0000 #2
measure is good, the key is the timing wrong, the current Serie A and if someone is capable of self-employed golf course? If there is that the money had already bought players
Zonda2010-01-19 07:22:29 +0000 #3
Yes, the former unique "mini World Cup" has now been reduced to Europe's third-largest league, and take a look at the current Serie A, called players that have not a few, and there are also some retiring veteran, if not then some of the system quickly revitalize the league, attract more players into the arena, for fear that soon be replaced by the Bundesliga or even the French. Of course, I am also old audience Serie A, AC Milan fans, very much hope that Serie A will soon regain its past glory!



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