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This problem somewhat difficult to What?

liguria2010-01-19 09:01:27 +0000 #1
99 - 2000 season of the French Cup on an amateur team - Calais team all the way into the French Cup final. That is a purely amateur teams of players, then these players to become professional players do?
Jie bar2010-01-19 09:11:11 +0000 #2
the subject is a bit small hard, I found the game related information, in fact the media this report was somewhat inaccurate, albeit Calais, France fourth grade league one team, but the In fact, it could be considered a France B and C teams, those players can be considered semi-professional player, then finals the last 2 to 1 victory in Nantes, Nantes array has subsequently become famous French doors Landreau, Cameroon striker Olembe, striker Hou Weiji Juliet and later to Manchester City and Sun Jihai has done teammates Sibilsky

The Calais team has officially become a professional player, the captain, then Fa Yi Beier Kui joined the team on the Le Mans , while striker Michael. Gerrard is joined Olympique Lyon wealthy, his outstanding performance in the French Cup has attracted Zhezhi French troupes also have several other players have a professional contract

Of course, this is a very far history, and these players are destined to write in his brilliant career, a sum of



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