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Bayern's Toni how like it?

niannian2010-01-19 12:01:55 +0000 #1
Question: I am a Tony fan, I heard that his injuries had been well, how did the last? Gomez so badly. Tony will not leave Bayern return to Florence do?

2009-10-09 11:14 supplementary question

"dark kid," you have problems, right? What is the answer to what?
rkohhh2010-01-19 12:03:39 +0000 #2
Bayern striker Luca - Luca Toni has warned the club that if he can not get enough chance to play he may make a move.

Tony has recently lost the opportunity to play in a team, playing in the reserve, he said: "I have not entered the starting lineup three or four months, and this in my career, which had never happened."

"I want to play for Bayern, hoping to fulfill my contract finished, but if the people around me do not trust, then I would certainly sit down around them to give an explanation of the.

due to Bayern without any opportunities, the Italian striker Luca Toni has been planning to leave the Allianz Arena is not a secret. but a recent radio interview, he said that for the first time, joining the interest of Naples.

Tony added: "Maravich, and boast Liya Lei Pull up front Trident? This a good idea. Quagliarella is a great player, but everyone knows that 'El Pocho' (Maravich's nickname) name. "

" Naples is a well-known club, the chairman of the team want to major setting up a business here, where fans are also very great. If they call me? We will see what happens. "

" Now I am in the situation of Bayern general, what will happen next we will soon see. If I leave, the Italian will be my first choice. "

Less so -
a rainy night in the Ripper2010-01-19 12:09:55 +0000 #3
rest assured that Tony at the meeting affirmed that the injury just the state in general, to the point of time, you can see Klose does not score, Gomes state is poor, non-Orridge adaptation, Van Gaal had to do life-saving need Tony!



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