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Corresponds to large areas of the Premiership top 20

hexiangqian5202010-01-16 02:01:21 +0000 #1
England "442" magazine launched a football team likened the film to a large article, all the Premiership clubs have a corresponding well-known movie.

Manchester United: "The Godfather"

conquered everything, seemingly endless sequels, plus a ruthless, it seems bad-tempered ruler, he can give orders to everyone. But who can eventually inherit this powerful empire instead?

Chelsea: "Ocean's Eleven"

star-studded cast, which gave its weary of the world see the familiar faces who have formed a luxury alliance aimed at pre-retirement "press on one vote." Their final reward, perhaps Nazuo the Champions League trophy. As for after that, how will? Probably they are in the mood, but also one vote, one vote and then push it ahead.

Liverpool: "Star Wars - Attack of the Clones"

70,80 years has swept large parts of the world, trying to repeat the year in the new era of glory, the director gathered a number of widely respected British guy, plus a few a star-studded star to help out, can be Querang supporting role in a number of off-putting (and perhaps should be considered a Aiersaer) smashed the pot. Despite a loyal group of fans, but the video quality Queyuanburu year.

Arsenal: "Charlie and his chocolate DreamWorks"

living in the fairy-tale world, "Mr. Wen Agca" (figure prototype Wonka), to use his factory for the world to create midfielder stay in Eritrea as well as the Swiss have a spring-legged little young, chances are that one day an admirer of Mr. Wen, Mr. Agca get the opportunity to take over the factories, they need only goes on the "golden ticket."

Spurs: "Cheaper by the Dozen"

easy farce, the theme is an attack not only want three or four hands, but at least 12 is enough, and he often said in this regard, some "hard-pressed . " Starring Harry - Redknapp, once a very humorous person.

Manchester: "Afan up"

some of the light blue expensive creatures, trying to control the whole world. Goal is to rewrite all the rules, means dare to think Gangan, and then throw money everywhere.

Everton: "Brave Heart"

Classic lines: "They may be able to take our Joleon Lescott, but they never wins do not go our fifth position, as well as do EU Cup something of the opportunity! "

other teams and the corresponding movie:

Fulham:" La van der Hill Mob "

Aston Villa:" Gangs s Crossing "

Wigan:" Shortage Island rest of my life "

West Ham:" The Italian Job "

Blackburn:" Fight Club "

Hu Seoul City:" Forrest Gump "

Sunderland:" The Usual Suspects "

Stoke City:" Speed "

John Bolton:" sleeping "

Portsmouth:" Poseidon Poseidon No. "

Birmingham:" Turning "

Burnley:" slums Millionaire "

Wolves:" and the Wolf Dance "

Assassin2010-01-16 02:05:29 +0000 #2
good hair good!
angel_sun2010-01-16 02:11:24 +0000 #3
Ha ha! Yes, that's good. . . .



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