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Lin Pate2010-01-16 02:01:45 +0000 #1
Liverpool on the world that what is disaster? What is going on here? Please say in detail points
tansuo2010-01-16 02:10:46 +0000 #2
is the Heysel tragedy

May 29, 1985, Liverpool and Juventus Heysel Stadium in Brussels, the European Champions Cup final in the meet, the EU foot League before a goal assigned to the stands after the Liverpool fans, but there are a lot of Belgians in the hands of Juventus fans from buying tickets in the grandstand. The stands, there are not enough police officers and staff will separate the two fans. During the competition, there have been fans of both acts of abuse and throwing. Mixed with Liverpool fans inside the Juve fans of soccer hooligans and fight, leading to the stands collapsed, instantly killing 39 Juventus fans and injured more than 300, which is the famous "Heysel tragedy." Liverpool have also lost the Champions Cup after the match that all English teams were prohibited from participation in European competitions as long as five years, Liverpool is up to seven years. Since then, the Red Army suffered greatly over the years has been unable to repeat their peak. May 29 will be the Juventus and Liverpool fans forever anniversary. For those killed in the Heysel tragedy, and fans observed a minute of prayer is something that should never happen again bar! Heysel tragedy parties Michel Platini (Juventus team that year) and Rush (Liverpool team that year) hands and a symbol of remembrance and a sign of friendship between the two teams appeared silence before the game as Juventus, according to Xinhua News Agency, London encountered to Liverpool, people will inevitably think of 20 years ago, Belgium's football history took place in the darkest scenes - Heysel tragedy. When the "Red Army" and "zebra" really strong in the Champions League eight combat encounters, in order to commemorate that part of the common "black memory", the court of the opponent into a field next friend. Match before the start of the Stadium of all observe a minute of silence 20 years ago in that tragedy in the death of 39 souls bent. Then Juventus and Liverpool captain Michel Platini and Rush, also attended the memorial ceremony. Liverpool fans played the scene "to cherish the memory and friendship on behalf of" the great banner, the two sides ahead of fans also carried out in a friendly. During the competition, along with Juventus fans and Liverpool fans singing "Red Devils" team song "You Never Walk Alone." Fans join hands to commemorate Reuters reflection on the tragedy and the call of friendship, first of all from the fans began. Liverpool local "Les Echos" put the names of 39 innocent victims to 5-day printed on the front page of the list at the top there is such a word --- "I'm sorry." When Juventus fans arrived in Liverpool, they have also been fully staffed reception. When the "Red Army" and "zebra" supporters finally meet on the pitch, when between them reflect the extraordinary is not a "confrontation." Many Juventus fans put together the two teams wearing scarves on their necks, Liverpool fans also used the handshake, to the visiting team supporters expressed their friendliness. As the "Heysel tragedy," the vast majority of the victims of fans in Italy, so Italian about the tragedy of the "heart knot" more heavy. Although they have been very high in Liverpool courtesy, but the media thought that the British effort is unlikely to equal the return in Turin. Nevertheless, the "Red Army" and "zebra" in the game has been "friendly" atmosphere overshadowed.



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